March 2008



This picture came out blurry but I still think it is too cute. It was taken on the alter after Easter morning mass. I also put a new family picture on here if you scroll all the way to the bottom.


babies & building

Lilly seems to have a thing with leopard prints lately. This dress was handed down to her last week and she wanted to wear it NOW, over her blue sweat suit, ALL DAY LONG. The second picture is of her feeding her cousin Sydney’s babies, which she is taking care of while Sydney and her


The Toby & Lilly show

Now that the weather has finally gotten nicer and we can start putting hats and gloves away, guess what the kids love to play with!?!?! When it was cold enough to have to wear them, you can bet it was a fit to get them on these two, but when it’s their idea it’s a