Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This picture came out blurry but I still think it is too cute. It was taken on the alter after Easter morning mass. I also put a new family picture on here if you scroll all the way to the bottom.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

babies & building

Lilly seems to have a thing with leopard prints lately. This dress was handed down to her last week and she wanted to wear it NOW, over her blue sweat suit, ALL DAY LONG. The second picture is of her feeding her cousin Sydney's babies, which she is taking care of while Sydney and her family are on vacation!

Toby is such a builder! He is always "building towers" which are usually knocked down by his sister but this time he kept it in his room with the door closed until he was finished and WOW, look at the size of it! The second picture here is of one of his daily checks out the big picture window for deer or any other critter to be seen.

The Toby & Lilly show

Now that the weather has finally gotten nicer and we can start putting hats and gloves away, guess what the kids love to play with!?!?! When it was cold enough to have to wear them, you can bet it was a fit to get them on these two, but when it's their idea it's a whole different story!!

This is a new pasttime that I just love. Toby brushes Lilly's hair and just when I think that girl can't stop moving, she sits as still as can be for him to do this. It is one of the most precious things I've ever seen!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New skill

I just had to share the moment we had this morning with Lilly. Since the time change she has been sleeping in until 8:00a.m. or later and when she does finally start to make noise she has already begun unzipping her pajamas or throwing things out of her crib. Well, this morning she went a bit further. I waited at the end of the hall when Mark got her down from her crib and out she walks smiling as big as can be, wearing her onesie, which is unsnapped, and that's all. No pj's, no diaper, just a onesie that was obviously on it's way off as well! When Mark walked in she was holding her diaper up for him and babbling about it proud as can be. This really should come as no surprise since we cannot travel in the van for 5 minutes without her taking off her hat, shoes, socks and any other piece of clothing she can get ahold of. Last night after her bath she didn't want to get her pj's on and streaked around the house for a while in nothing but Toby's Spiderman mask. That was quite a sight! Of course we won't be posting picture of that on the internet!! Just when I think she couldn't be any sillier, she proves that she can and will!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Health Report

Yesterday we had Lilly's 18 month well-check and she is doing awesome. She's 33 1/2 inches tall and weighs in at a measly 23.8 lbs. Tall and thin but at the pace she goes that's no surprise!

When we left there I thought Toby felt a little warm but he seemed perfectly fine. By bedtime last night he had a fever of 102* and said his throat hurt like he had something in it. Sounded to me like strep and sure enough after another visit back to the doctor today, my suspicions were right. The way it hit so quickly and the way his throat looked it was obvious. He has barely eaten anything in the last 2 days but is still in great spirits, as he normally is, even when sick. That kid is so easy-going(and so opposite his sister!). So he started antibiotic tonight and had to miss "church school" but we caught it early and he should be much better in the next couple of days. Now we just pray that he is the only one who gets it.

Lilly has not been eating well and has been quite high-mainentance lately but I have to think that she is also having a rough time teething as she has all along. Still only 6 teeth for her but that doesn't stop her!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just goofy

Yesterday we took a field trip to the Botanical Center to soak up some warmth and see some green! We all had a great time wandering through the paths and watching the fish and a couple of turtles....for the longest time....Both of the kids would have stayed there for hours just watching fish. As you can see, we tried to get a nice smile out of Toby for a picture but that is unheard of these days. Although the faces he makes in these kind of seem to fit with the crazy trees. If nothing else you can hopefully notice the 18 pounds that I have lost in the last few months!(edited 3/07/08 to say that the latest numbers are in and it's actually 20 pounds!!!)