Mommy brags….

Warning: This is going to be long and a total “mommy brag,” more for my own memory than for entertainment. If you think it will annoy you or make you feel inclined to burst my bubble, please stop reading now. If not, take it for what it is and enjoy.

Friday evening Toby was invited to my sister’s house to have dinner and play with my sister’s granddaughter. Before coming home they all stopped at Wal-Mart because my brother-in-law wanted to buy them something “for being so good.” So my sister took the little girl to the girl isles to pick out her toy and bro-in-law took Toby to the boy stuff. A while later, bro-in-law finds my sister and asks what he’s supposed to do because Toby kept picking out stuff he’d like for Christmas! He didn’t understand that he got to have something to take home that very night! So they finally convinced him that he actually got to pick out something new to buy that very night and take home right away, no waiting for Christmas. Oh, the pure joy of that new LOUD tractor he has played with NON STOP since that night! Just what the doctor ordered.

I hope this doesn’t sound like our kids our completely deprived. The funny part is that I was just telling Mark how I was at Walgreens with the kids that very day and Toby was looking at some inexpensive little trucks and saying how maybe he could ask for one of those for Christmas or his birthday. He didn’t once ask for one that day. It was not even an issue when he had to put it back after checking it out for a few minutes. I like to think that this means we are doing something right in teaching our children what is truly important in life.

Second brag: Along with the tractor was a sweet little rocket ship that has actually become a favorite of Lilly’s and a dollar bill-for eating all of his dinner that same night.(yes, we had the conversation with bro-in-law about buying love, it’s all good) So, I’ve been talking to Toby a little about money lately anyhow and figure what better time to start him on his own little savings than now. In Dave Ramsey style, Toby and I made his first 3 envelopes. One to SAVE, one to GIVE and one to SPEND. Now, in 3(almost 4) year old logic we discussed what each of those meant and he decided that this first dollar would go into his SPEND envelope, but the next one was going to go into the GIVE envelope. Side note: He wants to use the GIVE envelope for “homelessville”-total inside joke but with all the right intentions!

It was then time to pick up toys and get ready for lunch so I asked him to do just that. After he did so, without arguing or stalling, I praised him and asked if he thought maybe he would want to make a new chore chart and start earning money to put in his envelopes for doing his chores, a.k.a. an allowance. He replied, and I quote because I couldn’t make this stuff up, this is right out of the mouth of a babe, “No thanks mom, I just do it because you asked me to.” God bless that little boy! I hope now you can see why I had to get this in writing!!

In no way is this post intended to make my child seem perfect, I know he’s not. But it is intended to help me remember these days when my heart feels like it could explode with the love and pride that I feel for him. To remember the feeling of my cup overflowing. To remember that somewhere along the line, we did something right.

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    You have a lot to be proud of in Toby and Lilly!

    Sara P.

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