Stinky days…

This is a recent chalk drawing Toby made of….ME! Notice the devilishly happy grin! Not sure what happened to my arms. Don’t ask. We are so longing for the days of being able to do these drawings outside on the sidewalk but for now we are very thankful that I painted a hallway wall with chalkboard paint. Not to be ‘Debbie Downer’ but this weather S-T-I-N-K-S. We have had a rather rough go of it for about 2 weeks now. I have been struggling madly with migraines. I am now on some preventative medication which I am not thrilled about but it seems to be helping. Saturday morning though I woke with severe back pain at 3 am which is finally starting to calm now today, 6 days later. 2 trips to the chiropractor later to find that I had somehow displaced a rib from sneezing or coughing too hard.

Toby and Lilly are completely tired of being stuck inside. I like to consider myself a fairly creative person and am usually able to find new projects and things to do to keep them busy and learning new things but we are all in a big, huge rut. Toby informed me today that he is tired of his toys. Plain and simple. I am too. They’re really great toys, including the cardboard boxes, old assorted bags and scraps of assorted junk that have all found new uses, but it’s all just tired. Come next fall, after a hiatus of playing outside for several months they will be the best toys in the world but for now, they are tired.

The kids had hand, foot and mouth last week which started the whole “not getting out much” stint, so as not to spread germs. Then that seemed to turn into a nasty head cold for Lilly. Poor thing has been congested and had a nasty nose for what seems like the longest time. She is also FINALLY cutting another tooth. It’s only the 3rd one on the bottom so we have a long road to go still but I’m sure that’s not helping her mood any.

So anyhow, I apologize for not being my happy-go-lucky self. No one ever said the life of a stay/work at home mom was always a bowl of cherries and I am living proof of that. But the stinky, sticky, messy parts come right along with the sweet, warm, fuzzy ones and the former make me appreciate the latter even more. This too shall pass….

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