Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monkey see, monkey do

Not that I need to say much about these silly ones but I could type endlessly these days about them. They make me giggle until I start to question what I ever did to deserve such blessings. I am grateful.

Random thoughts:
*The rain seems to have calmed our allergies and that is a wonderful thing!

*The holiday weekend was relaxing even with the off-and-on yucky weather. We slept in, we played outside, we went to the lake, we got water in the basement, we danced, we took a paddle boat ride, we laughed, we visited with family, we blew bubbles, we watched Veggie Tales, we sat by a campfire, we snuggled and we were bummed to have it end.

*Lilly is really starting to talk like crazy right now. She is putting 2-4 words together and understands pretty much everything we say, although I seem to be the only person who understands what she says...besides Toby that is. They are kind of like twins. They have that connection. If she wants something or says something that even I don't get, we can ask him and he gets it 99% of the time. It's weird, but cool. My favorite things she says are "look Mommy" with her strong emphasis on the "llll" and I love the way she replies when I say her name. Even though it's "what Mommy" the way it comes out of her mouth is just precious. You have to hear it I guess. Maybe it's just something only a mother would love.

*I have gone 2 ENTIRE WEEKS without a headache!! I mean not even a small annoying little ache, not a migraine, not a hint of a pain, nothing. Practically unheard of for nearly the last 14 years of my life...14 years!! Loving that, not loving that I have to take daily medication to achieve that but if that is that price to pay to be pain-free, I will sacrifice. I like being pain-free. I like it a lot.

*Last night was our last free Monday evening for several months. Mark's first evening class begins next week. So life as we know it is about to gradually begin to change. Very exciting, a little scary.

*Toby's 4th birthday is almost upon us. So is Vacation Bible School. This will be the first year that Toby gets to participate in that and he doesn't even have a clue yet. I am excited for him but I also know that it is going to give us a taste of how our schedule will be this fall when preschool begins.....dun dun du dunnnnnn.

*Our garden is going to be my favorite garden ever this year. It's fenced in, to keep the critters, and clumsy 2 year olds out. I planted flowers around the outside of the fence. The compost box we started last year is decomposing nicely. I'll have to post pictures of it next time I post. I'm proud of my green thumb. I am going to be attempting some verticle gardening which includes the resuse of some old pantyhose to make hammocks for our pumpkins, squash, cukes and melons when they vine up the fence and produce fruits that need support-hence support hose. Laugh away, you'll see. Pictures to follow. At least I don't have to water the garden today!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hungry Hippos

I've been amazed lately at the appetite that the kids have had and after weighing and measuring them both recently it's easy to see why they are eating so much. Toby has grown an unbelievable 1 1/2 inches since March and gained almost 3 pounds since then as well. That's a lot when you're a little guy! Lilly has also gained 2 pounds and grown over an inch! This has been obvious in their clothes as well so thankfully the seasons have changed and the clothes I had put away for spring/summer are right on the money. Lilly is in 24 months-2T and Toby is mostly into 5T's now.

I also chose this picture because it shows another milestone for them. It seems that lately they have crossed into really playing TOGETHER more. Toby takes great pride in teaching Lilly how to do "big kid" things instead of telling her she's too little to do them. Yesterday they had the best time after he taught her how to play Hungry Hippos and she actually played with him. Of course that lasted all of 3 minutes, but that's a long time when you're not quite 2 and 4 yet. These are the best of times....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Allergist Appt. #1

We saw the allergist today. Went over the basics. Nothing earthshattering or that we didn't already know or haven't already talked to a doctor about. Basically a preliminary appointment to see where things are and look him over. We're keeping him on all meds he's currently on for one full week, then taking him off just the antihistamines for a full week while still on the nasal spray, Singular and eye drops to get through to do testing on June 6th. I will get tested then as well. We'll go from there.

At least for now he is getting enough relief to go outside and play for a while. He's still itchy, drippy and sneezy but not near as bad as the last few weeks. This is doable.

Sunday we are having family pictures taken with Mark's mom and sisters' families. Should be fun and interesting to see how these two monkeys cooperate since I can't seem to get a decent picture of the two of them for the life of me lately! At least Toby's eyes are somewhat back to normal looking and Lilly's fat lip is healing(she took a header off the back of a plastic lawn chair earlier this week).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Allergy update

Well, after a not so fun visit to the urgent care tonight, we have decided to postpone allergy testing for another month. Toby played outside for a few hours this afternoon and his eyes went crazy again. He could not stop rubbing them and actually asked for eye drops and ice packs. He hates eye drops if that tells you anything. We figured he had damaged his eye from rubbing so much. The white of his one eye had swelled and looked quite disturbing. He was in actual pain this time. Thankfully they used some numbing drobs before testing for scratches and sure enough, he had actually scratched his cornea. The white of his eye was swollen from the allergy reaction. We have put him back on all meds, eye drops, plus a nasal spray to get him as much relief as possible for the season and will reschedule testing for next month. Hopefully the scratch will mend itself and we won't have to fill the script for the antibiotic too.

Funny sidenote: As we were waiting in the extremely busy urgent care, some people brought in a guy who had fell off of his bike and was badly hurt and probably should have gone to the actual emergency room. Apparently they had found him on the side of the road in this condition. Of course we were all concerned and Toby was full of questions about what had happened to him. I tried to simply explain that the man had fallen off of his bike and gotten hurt very badly. Toby thought about this and then matter-of-factly said, "Hmm, he must not have had training wheels on his bike." I thought the little old lady next to us was seriously going to wet herself.

Edited 5/14: I spoke with the allergy specialist's office this morning and they would like to still see Toby this Friday as planned, even though we won't be testing him yet. They are concerned with his level of eye itchiness and hope to re-evaluate his meds and get the itching under control before the testing is performed. I am concerned with the amount of meds he is on as well. He is currently back on Zyrtec plus Singular now at night, Claritan in the morning, a nasal spray once a day, plus eye drops once a day and he is still itchy, sneezy, and drippy. Although last night was the first night that he slept well since he switched back from the Benedryl so that is a plus. The Benedryl only stays in his system for 6 hours so it would wear off around 2:00 a.m. and he would be restless, itchy and uncomfortable for the rest of the morning and just hasn't slept well all week on that and would wake up so congested. I'm praying they have something better to offer Friday to get us through to June when things ease up. Then we can get the testing done to really get to the bottom of it all and find the best possible treatment from here on out.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Poor Toby

Toby has had such a rough month with his allergies. He has gotten so much worse in the last 2 years so we have been referred over to an allergist to get him tested to see just what exactly his worst triggers are and what our treatment options are for this poor kid. This picture is from the other night when the lilacs opened up and his poor little eyes just exploded and practically swelled closed. Having both parents with such bad allergies he didn't really stand a chance and struggling this much at not quite 4 is not a good sign either so we need to do something to give him some relief. It's hard to see him suffer when I feel his pain and discomfort too and it really stinks.

We actually have a joint appointment this Friday for Toby and I both to get tested since I am having the same problem so I will have to post later this week with the results and see where we go from here.

Lilly strikes again...

So, if you haven't heard already, you may not want to know, Lilly has perfected her pajama-removal skills and recently surprised us all with quite a morning treat. Apparently she had removed her pajama bottoms, unsnapped her onesie and took off her diaper when she first went to bed because the other morning's crib scene was disastrous and down-right disgusting. I'm not sure how she slept through the night as wet as she was, all the while laying next to a very dry diaper, but she was even less than thrilled to realize what she was snuggled up next too when she woke up to more than just wetness. Needless to say, she went straight to the bath, a huge clean-up process ensued and even though I mentioned the camera once to Mark the picture in our minds is forever burned there and honestly will not need a scrapbook memory more than the blog time it is getting right now. Little Miss Lilly is now sleeping with her one piece swimsuit over her onesie and under her pajamas since it was the nicer choice before resorting to duct taping the velcro tabs of her diaper. So far so good, but the duct tape is on standby.

Friday, May 2, 2008

so much to do, so little time to post...

Between blowing noses and getting things done, here is a quick update on what's happening around here:

The kids are both being treated for strep. I am absolutely miserable with allergies right now and trying to even see the screen through watery eyes. We are on our way back to the chiropractor to adjust my back yet again. After all of the sneezing I have done in the last few days I have apparently thrown my rib out of whack again.

Mark is working on ordering a laptop and will start his night/online classes in Human Services in June. He is so excited to begin those and see where that leads him. It's going to be a long road and a busy one but hopefully well worth it in the end. I am so proud of him for dreaming big!

My job is keeping me extremely busy. Since people are now getting tax returns and rebates they are able to PAY to file bankruptcy, seems cruel and unusual but it's the nature of the beast so this is our busy season and I am swamped with filings. So just when I thought I had little to no down time with two little ones before, I have absolutely NONE now. But, it's paying for Mark to go back to school so it's so worth it.

Around the house there is always something to do and never enough hours in a day to get it all done. The garden is tilled(with manure-yea!), the fence posts are in, just need the fence and then we can plant! Huge accomplishment! I have been taking baby steps moving some perrenials around in my flower beds, mainly to give the kids a larger area of dirt to dig in! So the majority of one landscape area is now a "Construction Zone" and that is perfectly fine because the dirt is horrible and nothing grows there anyway. So, until I am able to boost the soil to make it better for growing, it's great for imaginations and I love that even more!

Toby is riding his bike like a madman now. We are encouraging him to venture off of the small cement area in the back of the house so he can get used to riding on gravel. That way we can bring his bike to the lake this summer so he can ride at the campgrounds with his cousins. He just "keeps gettin' his wheels stuck though" so it's a work in progress.

Lilly has to be just like her big brother so I picked up a small bike from craigslist for her and a little helmet and it is hysterical to see her try to ride along side him. I can't even explain it, a sight to behold for sure.

One last thing, which I'm not sure is even blog-worthy, but I think is awesome so I'll share. I recently moved Lilly's carseat to the backseat of the van(she was in the middle for easier access to get her in) so they are now right next to each other in the far back. Anyway, it is just the cutest thing to see them back there together now. Toby keeps saying, he just loves having his sister back there with him because now he's not back there all alone anymore. They just sit back there and chat and hold hands and smile at each other and share toys like the best of friends. I didn't realize they were missing out on so much being separated like they were! I know they'll have their differences but I hope they always keep this bond.

That's all for now, I'll apologize now because I know I won't be blogging as much with summer coming but I'll do my best!