Allergist Appt. #1

We saw the allergist today. Went over the basics. Nothing earthshattering or that we didn’t already know or haven’t already talked to a doctor about. Basically a preliminary appointment to see where things are and look him over. We’re keeping him on all meds he’s currently on for one full week, then taking him off just the antihistamines for a full week while still on the nasal spray, Singular and eye drops to get through to do testing on June 6th. I will get tested then as well. We’ll go from there.

At least for now he is getting enough relief to go outside and play for a while. He’s still itchy, drippy and sneezy but not near as bad as the last few weeks. This is doable.

Sunday we are having family pictures taken with Mark’s mom and sisters’ families. Should be fun and interesting to see how these two monkeys cooperate since I can’t seem to get a decent picture of the two of them for the life of me lately! At least Toby’s eyes are somewhat back to normal looking and Lilly’s fat lip is healing(she took a header off the back of a plastic lawn chair earlier this week).

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    talk to matt about toby. he lived at the allergy clinic, hospital, and oxygen tents as a child with asthma and allergies. if he’s on singulair, you’ll want to get info from matt. and find an air purifier.

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