Allergy update

Well, after a not so fun visit to the urgent care tonight, we have decided to postpone allergy testing for another month. Toby played outside for a few hours this afternoon and his eyes went crazy again. He could not stop rubbing them and actually asked for eye drops and ice packs. He hates eye drops if that tells you anything. We figured he had damaged his eye from rubbing so much. The white of his one eye had swelled and looked quite disturbing. He was in actual pain this time. Thankfully they used some numbing drobs before testing for scratches and sure enough, he had actually scratched his cornea. The white of his eye was swollen from the allergy reaction. We have put him back on all meds, eye drops, plus a nasal spray to get him as much relief as possible for the season and will reschedule testing for next month. Hopefully the scratch will mend itself and we won’t have to fill the script for the antibiotic too.

Funny sidenote: As we were waiting in the extremely busy urgent care, some people brought in a guy who had fell off of his bike and was badly hurt and probably should have gone to the actual emergency room. Apparently they had found him on the side of the road in this condition. Of course we were all concerned and Toby was full of questions about what had happened to him. I tried to simply explain that the man had fallen off of his bike and gotten hurt very badly. Toby thought about this and then matter-of-factly said, “Hmm, he must not have had training wheels on his bike.” I thought the little old lady next to us was seriously going to wet herself.

Edited 5/14: I spoke with the allergy specialist’s office this morning and they would like to still see Toby this Friday as planned, even though we won’t be testing him yet. They are concerned with his level of eye itchiness and hope to re-evaluate his meds and get the itching under control before the testing is performed. I am concerned with the amount of meds he is on as well. He is currently back on Zyrtec plus Singular now at night, Claritan in the morning, a nasal spray once a day, plus eye drops once a day and he is still itchy, sneezy, and drippy. Although last night was the first night that he slept well since he switched back from the Benedryl so that is a plus. The Benedryl only stays in his system for 6 hours so it would wear off around 2:00 a.m. and he would be restless, itchy and uncomfortable for the rest of the morning and just hasn’t slept well all week on that and would wake up so congested. I’m praying they have something better to offer Friday to get us through to June when things ease up. Then we can get the testing done to really get to the bottom of it all and find the best possible treatment from here on out.

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