Lilly strikes again…

So, if you haven’t heard already, you may not want to know, Lilly has perfected her pajama-removal skills and recently surprised us all with quite a morning treat. Apparently she had removed her pajama bottoms, unsnapped her onesie and took off her diaper when she first went to bed because the other morning’s crib scene was disastrous and down-right disgusting. I’m not sure how she slept through the night as wet as she was, all the while laying next to a very dry diaper, but she was even less than thrilled to realize what she was snuggled up next too when she woke up to more than just wetness. Needless to say, she went straight to the bath, a huge clean-up process ensued and even though I mentioned the camera once to Mark the picture in our minds is forever burned there and honestly will not need a scrapbook memory more than the blog time it is getting right now. Little Miss Lilly is now sleeping with her one piece swimsuit over her onesie and under her pajamas since it was the nicer choice before resorting to duct taping the velcro tabs of her diaper. So far so good, but the duct tape is on standby.

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