Poor Toby

Toby has had such a rough month with his allergies. He has gotten so much worse in the last 2 years so we have been referred over to an allergist to get him tested to see just what exactly his worst triggers are and what our treatment options are for this poor kid. This picture is from the other night when the lilacs opened up and his poor little eyes just exploded and practically swelled closed. Having both parents with such bad allergies he didn’t really stand a chance and struggling this much at not quite 4 is not a good sign either so we need to do something to give him some relief. It’s hard to see him suffer when I feel his pain and discomfort too and it really stinks.

We actually have a joint appointment this Friday for Toby and I both to get tested since I am having the same problem so I will have to post later this week with the results and see where we go from here.

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    the first born son gets it all, darn it. i know. best of luck with the allergies.

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