so much to do, so little time to post…

Between blowing noses and getting things done, here is a quick update on what’s happening around here:

The kids are both being treated for strep. I am absolutely miserable with allergies right now and trying to even see the screen through watery eyes. We are on our way back to the chiropractor to adjust my back yet again. After all of the sneezing I have done in the last few days I have apparently thrown my rib out of whack again.

Mark is working on ordering a laptop and will start his night/online classes in Human Services in June. He is so excited to begin those and see where that leads him. It’s going to be a long road and a busy one but hopefully well worth it in the end. I am so proud of him for dreaming big!

My job is keeping me extremely busy. Since people are now getting tax returns and rebates they are able to PAY to file bankruptcy, seems cruel and unusual but it’s the nature of the beast so this is our busy season and I am swamped with filings. So just when I thought I had little to no down time with two little ones before, I have absolutely NONE now. But, it’s paying for Mark to go back to school so it’s so worth it.

Around the house there is always something to do and never enough hours in a day to get it all done. The garden is tilled(with manure-yea!), the fence posts are in, just need the fence and then we can plant! Huge accomplishment! I have been taking baby steps moving some perrenials around in my flower beds, mainly to give the kids a larger area of dirt to dig in! So the majority of one landscape area is now a “Construction Zone” and that is perfectly fine because the dirt is horrible and nothing grows there anyway. So, until I am able to boost the soil to make it better for growing, it’s great for imaginations and I love that even more!

Toby is riding his bike like a madman now. We are encouraging him to venture off of the small cement area in the back of the house so he can get used to riding on gravel. That way we can bring his bike to the lake this summer so he can ride at the campgrounds with his cousins. He just “keeps gettin’ his wheels stuck though” so it’s a work in progress.

Lilly has to be just like her big brother so I picked up a small bike from craigslist for her and a little helmet and it is hysterical to see her try to ride along side him. I can’t even explain it, a sight to behold for sure.

One last thing, which I’m not sure is even blog-worthy, but I think is awesome so I’ll share. I recently moved Lilly’s carseat to the backseat of the van(she was in the middle for easier access to get her in) so they are now right next to each other in the far back. Anyway, it is just the cutest thing to see them back there together now. Toby keeps saying, he just loves having his sister back there with him because now he’s not back there all alone anymore. They just sit back there and chat and hold hands and smile at each other and share toys like the best of friends. I didn’t realize they were missing out on so much being separated like they were! I know they’ll have their differences but I hope they always keep this bond.

That’s all for now, I’ll apologize now because I know I won’t be blogging as much with summer coming but I’ll do my best!

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