Allergy Testing results

Toby and I had our allergy testing done Friday afternoon. That was not a pleasant experience.
He had a strong reaction to several things. Here they are, in order of severity:

pine trees
weeds in general
Since he has already been on all of the strongest available medications but not getting enough relief and he continues to get worse, he will begin getting allergy shots. His allergies are also to things that are not just seasonal(mold is a little hard to avoid with the beautiful weather we have had and the pond that keeps wanting to grow in our basement!) so he experiences symptoms year round. So, although I am really anxious about starting on a weekly schedule of making him get a shot in each arm, I know that in the long run he will benefit from them like Mark has and so many other people we know.
As for me, my worst enemies are also trees, most types of weeds and grasses which explains why spring just plain gets the best of me now. There is now a new prescription medication out for adults so I have been given a lot of samples of that and a nasal spray to try for fall and next spring. If those don’t do it and I keep getting worse I’ll have to get on schedule with Toby and line up for shots as well.
Here’s hoping Lilly can get by without this misery!

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