Crazy Mother Nature

Lilly’s first experience with the sprinkler was a huge success. I get this weird but great “ahh” feeling in my heart at times like this because there are times when Toby tends to be very reserved and even timid when trying new and different things. Lilly on the other hand, jumps right into things with no fear and enjoys whatever the new experience has to offer. Thankfully, in seeing her enjoy it, Toby takes in her excitement and lets loose because he’s not about to be shown up by his little sister. I love that he is not always to quick to jump right into things but I also love that Lilly brings him out of his shell and that the two of them interact as only best friends do. Now hopefully someday his reserved side will wear off on her a little bit. Yea….I won’t hold my breath.


Tuesday morning’s thunderstorm brought quite a surprise to our yard. Somehow we missed this out our big picture window all morning. Toby was peeking out his window when he was getting ready to take a nap and came running out to tell me, “Mom! I have to show you something! A HUGE tree feel down in our yard! You won’t believe this! Come quick!” I was thinking, “Ok Mr. Drama, another branch fell out of the tree, settle down, I’m coming.” Yea, a little more than a branch as I had imagined.

Somehow that huge old dead tree, which Mark had been wondering how in the world he would get cut down out of there anyhow, just missed the edge of the building and the lightpoll as it fell. It did fall on the wire connecting power out to the barn but that isn’t a big deal at this point. I’m not sure how or when it all came down but it seemed to have crumbled near the base about 2 feet from the ground, odd. So the good news is, we have some sweet firewood and one less tree that Mark will need to cut down himself. The bad news is, it’s going to take A LOT of cutting to clean up that mess.

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    Dude, I feel for you. That is us when Matt’s dad’s trees fall. They are all big, and they are all l-o-n-g projects. Cole would take some more slender branches for a business idea he has.

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