Growing time

Here are some fun pictures of a few wonderful green things growing around here! The first picture is of our garden, doesn’t look very impressive yet at a glance since it has been quite water-logged lately but this week’s beautiful weather has been making it very happy.

#2 is of some of my favorite Tiger Lilly’s from my sister Sheri’s old house a few years ago. Love them!

#3 is a squash plant in the garden just because it is an awesome plant and will no doubtedly be producing some yummy squash!

#4 is of one level as you walk up our front steps. I am so proud of this area that was once a large overgrown grassy hill and is now several landscaped levels of mixed ground covers, shade lovers and annuals. I have worked hard on these plantings for years now to get this to be an area of little to no work for me and this is by far one of it’s best years!

#5 is a flowering crabapple tree that is obviously past the flowering part that only lasts about 2 weeks in early spring and is now in the fruit stage. Lilly insists that they are beans though and has a wonderful time picking beans! These are another source of pride for me as I have raised several of these trees from the time they were small 4 inch twigs in little sandwich baggies and now most of them are 4-6 feet tall and beautiful!

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