Homemade Books

Last year around this time Toby and I started this project and now that the weather has turned cold we have been inspired by it to create some similar books for him and Lilly. He found the items for the pages and did most of the picture taking for the ABC book. He put the stickers on, told me the words that started with the letters and helped with the layouts of each page. (I did add some words myself to make sure we covered names of cousins, numbers and colors, etc.)
He also wrote each letter on the back of the page as well as his name on the inside cover which is a great way to remember his skill level at that age.
For the pages I used misc. pieces of my scrapbook paper and as much of his artwork as I could come up with. It’s not professional by any means, but it’s personal and we love it. I did have it laminated and although they did a terrible job with that I hope it will last to be passed onto his children.
We have just started working on a color book for Lilly and will be moving onto a number one after that. Since I am still on hiatus from any major scrapbooking right now this makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something in that area and preserving some memories!

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