This week

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch and as usual the pumpkins were the last thing on the kids’ minds when they spotted the animals! Lilly especially loves all animals, except cows. She still has a strong dislike for them. We ended up only picking out small pumpkins to paint since neither kid has much interest in carving one this year. Not a big deal. They will eventually and they just enjoy painting them so much that I don’t mind at all.
Our banging wall is a HUGE hit and not even finished yet. I am still gathering things to hang on it and Mark is already making plans to make it bigger! I think he is having as much fun as they are! I have to say, it is really fun! Toys don’t even compete with this thing.It’s like STOMP right in our driveway!
Of course the best part of playing outside on a cold fall day is…..
coming inside to a warm cup of hot chocolate! Yummmmmm.

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    I love the banging wall. I’m going to borrow that idea in another year or so.

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