Thanks and Giving

November is cruising right on by and before we know it Thanksgiving will be here and gone. I found this idea on another blog where they used trees but we are ready for a new subject since we’ve done a lot of things with trees already! Instead we have our Thanks and Giving Turkeys. On the feathers we write things we are thankful for and things we do to give to others and put them on each turkey. I wanted to start this on the 1st of the month but obviously that didn’t happen. We played catch up though and now we will make this a family activity every night after dinner and it will also be a new tradition for our family starting this year.

I found this puppy costume 75% off Target last night and I couldn’t resist it for $5! Lilly is always crawling around barking and pretending to be a dog so for now it will be added to our dress up clothes but it should still fit next year for Halloween too.

It is so soft Toby just wanted to pet her!

Wednesday nights are our “breakfast for dinner” nights since we get home from picking Toby up from preschool at 3:15 and turn around and take him back to church for Faith Formation by 5:15. He is there until 6:30 so it ends up being a late dinner prepared by Mark and the kids have come to love it and expect it now. Lilly is now officially his assistant chef too. I thought this was too cute of her helping daddy cook.


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    Love it! Thanks for the cute photos. What a nice puppy you have. Love you all, Grandma Anita

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    Great Idea!!! I never thought of using two turkeys for being thankful and giving. We are just doing one big turkey for being thankful!

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    What a cute little puppy! She is learning quickly about helping cook. We are trying our hand at this too. Am sure ours won’t be near as lnteresting as following those cute little ones.

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