Since Christmas day I seem to have to look at the calendar every day just to remember exactly what day it is….a couple of times each day. I’m not sure why this happens every year. It may have something to do with the fact that Mark leaves for work every day of the week from Thanksgiving until Christmas day and then all of the sudden he’s off. Rinse and repeat. So, we have just been in a haze around here. Here’s a little recap, although I have no idea what day any of these things took place, it’s all a blur.
Lilly was up throwing up one night and feverish, laid around and cuddled the next day. Feeling better now. Toby is still battling a yucky cough and congestion thing. We have also made the decision to upgrade to a king sized bed!! We’ll hopefully find time when Mark is off over New Year’s to shop for that. I cannot wait! Mark and I may actually be allowed more than 6 inches of room to sleep when the kids join us to snuggle or when one of them is sick and sleeps with us. YIPPEE!
We finally figured out the new race track and Toby is having an absolute ball with it. Notice several other cars are now joining in on the fun! You may also notice that the huge cabinet/hutch is cleaned out, another project I have been working on. That actually belongs to Mark’s mom and will be moving over to her house in the next week or so to allow us some much needed space! We are also attempting to simplify and declutter everywhere and that will help.
I haven’t been taking pictures of the kids very much because we have just been too busy hanging out. So, here are pictures of what we are doing the most. Reading, reading and reading. This is just the box that is in the living room of our seasonal and new books.

When the kids are just playing we like to listen to Bob and Larry(Veggie Tales) or Curious George(Jack Johnson). I am so happy to report that our Curious George CD has been found and removed from the inside of the CD player where it has apparently been lodged for the past year or so and greatly missed!


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    I’m so HAPPY that you girls do these Blogs Grandma and I love it as much as you enjoy doing it. Love and Happy New Year to all.

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    Today I kind of forced myself to come out of that haze. I totally understand what you mean! Great job and doing some decluttering!

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