Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Last night we hosted our third annual Birthday Party for Jesus with my cousin and her family. Five kids under 6 and what a wonderful time! We used to exchange gifts but as our babies grew we both wanted to instill the true meaning of Christmas in them so we started a new tradition.
This years craft was wagon wheel wreath ornaments and jingle bell bracelets. The 2-3 year olds needed some help but 4-6 year olds went to town. Love them!
Dinner by Advent candlelight(the white one in the middle is our special Christmas countdown candle that we burn every day through December). We opted for a simple dinner of pizza this year, everyone’s favorite.

Dessert is served after singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and blowing out 12 red candles!

I opted for easy all around this year and went with a jello poke cake instead of a typical sugar icing cake. I personally love to bake cakes but don’t love to eat them. However, something covered in Cool Whip…..sign me up! Not to mention, less sugar is nice with a smallish house and 5 kids under 6!

After lots of playing we wound down the night with a couple of Christmas classics.

Making memories….

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    Very sweet – and you have just inspired me! I’ve been trying to think of what to do for Christmas in a house that is not mine – and no room in our luggage to really bring Christmas with us or take it back. I think a birthday party tomorrow night fits the bill perfectly!

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