Little Miss Sensitive

This morning Lilly and I spent nearly 2 hours having her eyes examined. I have noticed that she is very sensitive to light for a while now to the point that she wants to turn off lights and her eyes water when she watches Sesame Street or when she goes outside on a bright day.
Thankfully, her vision is perfect. However, these big beautiful blue eyes contain very little pigment, which makes them the awesome color that they are, but apparently that also allows a great deal of light to enter them and that causes hypersensitivity to light in people like her. Very fitting with her personality! So, we now just need to find her some nice little sunglasses and let her wear them as much as she wants. I don’t think that will be a problem, she wore mine all the way home since her eyes were dilated and she usually likes to wear “Hollywoods” especially upside-down! Sure beats having to make a two-year-old start wearing perscription glasses. Whew.

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