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This afternoon we invited one of my sisters and her 3 kids over to bake cookies with us. These are cookies we will make as much as possible from now on….easy, delicious, very kid-friendly and adaptable to any holiday or occasion. I love old Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks!
First Lilly had to pose in her new headband from cousin Syd. Adorable even if I am biased! She had so much fun playing with her big girl cousins! I’m sure it’s a welcome break from tractors, cars, and all things boy as she is used to with big brother.
The cookies are just butter, sugar, milk, almond extract(because I always replace vanilla with that!), flour and food coloring. So simple to mix and the kids just roll up lots of little balls and lay them right on the pan in the shape of trees and Santas. Decorate the Santas with chocolate chips and the trees with sprinkles, bake, add some frosting to Santa, and you have some really awesome cookies!

Hopefully a couple of them last long enough to be left out for Santa!

If anyone is interested in the recipe I’d be glad to share it tomorrow, just leave me a comment. For now though I am ready to curl up in bed and read even though there are at least 6 things I can think of off the top of my head that I really should get done tonight. Mark is working late tonight and even though it’s only 9 o’clock I don’t even feel bad about going to bed already.

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    Hi, would love the recipe! Cookies look so cute… We are headed out to the Big Fisherman for lunch. Tuesday Special $2.25. Then off to the movie Austrailia.
    love to all,Grandma & Gramps

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