Sugar Overload!

We had a full house and a busy morning today! We invited my sister-in-law and her 4 boys over since her older 2 had a snow day, to build gingerbread(graham cracker actually) houses and ice cream cone trees. It was so much fun, for all ages as you can see! So much so that I kept forgetting to actually take pictures! So I only have a few, hopefully Sara got some good ones to share too!
We had a few partial builds before the deconstruction and eating, the best part, started.

Amazingly they all came down from their sugar highs to pose for a quick picture together which rarely happens! Good times!


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    Super, building memories. What fun!!!
    Love to all, Grandma

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    I just came to your blog from Mozi Esme and I was so excited to see you’re from Iowa. I’m originally from there and all my family is still there. We hope to end up back there one day.

    I look forward to reading about more of your projects. My four year old is about to turn two, but I also have a two year old (along with am infant and two older children). I’m always looking for new things to do with them.

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    Good times were had by all. Thanks again for the invite. It was a “great experience”. 🙂

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