The clean up….

Yesterday went just about as great as we could have hoped. Although it would have been nice to see my family too, it was nice to just stay close to home and not worry about what time we had to leave each place in order to get to the next one on time.

I an updating the slideshow so if you want to click on that you will be able to read the captions there for more details on the pictures. It’s much easier to do that instead of trying to pick only my most favorite pictures to post.
Toby loved Santa and jumped right up to sit on his lap. No hesistation this year about whether or not he had really been nice, no need to confess his naughtiness. Lilly was not as crazy about the guy in red and after a good scream opted to take her gift and high-tail it out of there! Neither of them seemed to recognize his voice or question him at all, I wonder how long it will be before they think he sounds a lot like Grandpa…..
This year was so fun to pick out gifts for the kids that it was really hard to contain myself knowing that most of these things have been in hiding just under our noses. Toby and I had a lengthy conversation the other day about whether or not the elves really make all of the gifts or if they actually end up buying some of them. He is convinced they make every single one of them. Little does he know that they actually shop craigslist(kitchen, market and all the wooden food and utensils) and Target clearance(bike, Little People A to Z Learning Zoo, Moon Sand) year round to find great deals like these and have wonderful friends(like Jill and Michelle-thank you so much ladies!) that share gently used toys too(race track and Cariboo game)! Mark ended up spending a loooooong time on Christmas Eve trying to figure out how the track is supposed to go together with all of the different levels. Finally we opted to to just leave it all out there and figure it out later. We may have to have Jill and her boys come by for a visit to help us out with that one!
We brought the Cariboo game over to Grandma’s house and they played it with their big cousin Ella. Very neat game for a range of ages, obviously. I think it’s for age 3+ but since Lilly knows most of her colors, numbers and shapes she joined right in and played along the whole time.
Although the house looks like a disaster it has been nice to just be home today to play and unwind. We are all still in our pajamas and Toby seems to be coming down with a nasty cold. For a while we will still be listening to Christmas songs and watching new Christmas movies. It comes and goes so fast that it’s nice to let it linger for a little while extra. We are also looking forward to Mark closing for 5 days over New Year’s weekend and being home. It will be great to get back to our old routine of him being home an hour earlier and off on Sunday and Monday. We’ve missed him.

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