Apparently instead of SNOW we should have made COLD! The current temp is -9 and wind chills today are expected to dip as low as -20 to -30. Yikes. Faith Formation was cancelled last night and schools were cancelled today so we are staying in and keeping warm too.

I have been busy researching curricula for fall as well as sewing machines. I have wanted a sewing machine for years and have dreamed of the projects that I could do if I only had my own. Some of which I have done, by hand or by borrowing my sisters’ machines. I am finally going to use my Christmas money on something other than clothes and purchase a simple machine! I am already planning to redo our bedroom window treatments myself as one of my first projects. This weekend we are going to finalize our decision on our new bed and if all goes as planned we should be moving that in within the next week or two. If I get out to shop tonight I will hopefully find the sewing machine I have picked out that is on sale right now.

The kids’ latest project is painting snow scenes, using cut up t.p. rolls, balloons, white paint, and glitter. It’s funny how they rarely want to paint with paintbrushes anymore, now that they realize the possibilities are endless with the mediums they can use.

We have also started adding in some Valentine activities here and there since that holiday always sneaks up on me so quickly and is here and gone before we have time to really do the fun things I want too. So yes, it seems early but there is always time for spreading the love!
We started yesterday with raiding the stockpile for a few boxes of Jello and made some jigglers. This afternoon we’re going to be painting hearts with golf balls in a box lid…..I’m sure there will be pictures later.
So far though, this morning has been filled with camping in their sleeping bags while playing “house-house” and cutting coupons with me. Nothing like hearing a 4 year old say, “Wow, look Mom, it’s 35 off yogurt!!” My little bargain shopper in training.
Sidenote: We are still potty training……slowly. Some days are better than others. I am pretty sure that the only reason she isn’t trained yet is because she is stubborn……hummmm, I wonder where she gets that. ;o)


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    I promise I’m not trying to make fun, but I just thought you’d want to know that you put windshields instead of windchills. 🙂
    Those jigglers look so yummy right now. I’ve been trying to lay off the sugar, since the holidays.
    Hope you all are able to keep warm there!

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    love your jigglers!!! they look yummy i might have to make some!

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    Thanks, Juli! Gotta love typos! My internet has been in and out all day so I was typing as quick as I could and didn’t even reread or edit…that’s what I get!

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