Snow day

Last night we had some friends over and to end the evening the oldest 3 kids, ages 2, 3, and 4, performed a “show” for us, complete with storage tub lids for a stage. It’s so fun to see them enter this stage of their lives now where their imaginations are so vivid and make-believe worlds come alive. The funniest and best part of the “show” was that each one of them was doing their very own show the entire time! Abby was a singing princess and sang and did her thing the whole time. Toby stayed in character as a pirate, looking through his telescope, reading his map and searching for treasure. Lilly, of course, the loveable puppy, barked, panted and crawled around….though she occasionally broke into song, they all put on their own show at the very same time!
Mark also spent time outside yesterday with the kids doing some sledding while I stayed in and took pictures through the window! They always think it sounds so fun to go out and do, and it usually is for a few minutes…..and then the snow gets in the boots, and up the sleeves, and in the gloves, and down the coats…..then the fun turns to WET and COLD.
The next kind of playing in the snow is more my style! It has been a snowy morning and we are in for the long haul so having declared it a “snow day” we made soap/toilet paper snowmen, froze black paper and tried to investigate snowflakes close up(I think that will work better if we stay outside with them), we’ve read countless winter/snow themed books, and this afternoon we are going to be making snow ice cream and marshmellow popcorn and watch a movie… that’s what I call a snow day!


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    be sure to keep the dark paper/cloth outside or in the freezer to avoid rapidly melting flakes. I have a book you guys could peruse of flake photos. Snowflake Bentley is my guy! I cannot remember the name of the picture about him — it has awesome woodcut illustrations.

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    What fun to watch little ones preform. Also what a wonder it is that no snowflake is the same, makes it very easy to believe that someone greater than us is making life so interesting!!!
    Love to all, Grandma & Gramps

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    so very fun!!!!!!

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    Hey I have a award for you! stop by my blog!

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