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So, this time it really is closing in on a week since my last post. I would apologize but I’m really not sure that anyone cares. That’s the hard part about blogging, it’s pretty one-sided. I type away and pour out my deep dark secrets(ok not really) and never have any idea if anyone even reads this silly thing or am left wondering if those who do happen to read it just think I’m a rambling lunatic. Nevertheless, I type.
My Lenton “sacrifice” of cutting back on blogging and blog reading is really making a difference for me and I am liking the changes that it is bringing about. While I certainly feel the temptation of the computer throughout the day, I am seeing the payoff of rising earlier and setting time limits where it is concerned. I have had some conversations lately with a couple of different people about “personal growth” and that topic has been on my mind a lot. If you have read this blog for a while you know how I always think that things tie together in weird ways so I won’t go into that again. However, last night I was laying in bed reading my “Little Black Book” on the weekly Gospels of Lent which I have always loved, so much so that I have all of them since they have given them out at our church. For some odd reason I just can’t seem to throw them away. Anyway, the topic was ‘transfigured’ and without going into it all I will quote what it said,
*In the letter to the Romans, Paul says, “Do not model yourselves on the behavior of the world around you, but let your behavior change, modeled by your new mind.”(12:2)
I honestly read that passage so many times that I lost count. It speaks to me so strongly at this time in my life. I feel like this is such a time of personal growth for me and it is invigorating. I snapped this picture of my nightstand just to show that when I am not budgeting, cutting coupons, sewing, teaching, feeding, playing, etc., I am probably reading something from here. This is what I attribute so much of my personal growth to. Looking back I am sad to say that after college I went through a time that I think most people go through, either after high school or college, or beyond, when I just didn’t read much. If I did read a book it was probably smut or I would peruse a magazine. Not much growth to be had from those. Are we told what to read for so many years that we end up feeling like unless someone tells us what to read and when, we never WANT to do it anymore? I think that most of us begin to think that learning and reading for the sake of actually learning something has to be done in a classroom or for the sake of a grade. I am glad that I have “seen the light” and broken out of that mold. TV and the internet will never take the place of really great book.
OK, I’m rambling. With my schedule change, the kids are no longer watching Sesame Street so the tv is rarely on. I am so happy with the lack of care that they have about that. I have yet to hear any requests to have the tv turned on. We have gone days without it and I could honestly see it taken out of the room and not even missed(except for a Veggie Tales movie once in a while!)so we won’t get that crazy…yet! Instead they occupy themselves with reading to each other….
….looking for animals…
….like these deer. There were actually 4 of them that came up to visit us that day.

Comparing birds in the picture dictionary with the ones in the bird book. These are things I just walk in on, totally self-led activities.
Finally, finally, I finished the doll quilt! I know it’s been weeks and it’s really small, but in my defense, I had to figure out the machine(and had some issues!), we had some nice weather so I was not about to stay inside and sew, and I took a break to cut and pin valances for T’s room also(see below).
The corners just about did me in so I sewed 2 by hand and finally got the hang of it and the other two went just fine on the machine. The felt caterpillar was a little bonus I stitched together so they can act out the story on the quilt too.
So far it’s a hit! This is the back for when he turns into a beautiful butterfly!
My second sewing project! Now I’m getting the hang of it.


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    The quilt is great! Awesome job. Does that mean the machine is fixed?

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    Thanks! Yes, it’s fixed, it was total operator error! I figured. You are welcome to come sew napkins anytime now. Hope you are feeling better.

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    Never, Never feel that no one is reading you wonderful blogs. I and grandma look every day to see what is new in our beloved family.
    You all are doing us a BIG favor by blogging. It a great way for us to keep in touch when we are gone. Love You All. Gramps

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    Great job on both sewing projects. I love the quilt!


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    We read every word of your blogs & thank you sooo much for sharing with us & we are so amazed & proud of you!!!! You are certainly a wonderful role model for those two little ones….
    Love you all so much & are really getting anxious to see everyone.
    Love Grandma & Gramps

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    looking good!

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    I love this post! Sometimes it feels lonely when you are on the pursuit to better yourself and everyone else seems pretty satisfied with who they are. It’s like climbing a mountain, and it sure is great to run it to people you know on the climb! Keep ON!

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