Resurrection rolls & spring crafts

T has been asking to read about “when Jesus died and rose again” a lot lately, obviously that is what we are talking a lot about these days in preparation for the coming holiday. As luck would have it, this week, one of our Lenten activities was to make Resurrection Rolls too! There are a lot of different ways to do this and I found so many recipes(there are also Resurrection cookies) but I chose this one because it was the easiest and they could actually do most of it themselves.

1 package of refrigerated crescent rolls
8 large marshmallows
bowl of cinnamon/sugar mix
small amount of melted butter(I used a couple of T.)
Each dough triangle represents the tomb. Lay them out flat.
Each marshmallow represents Jesus. Roll each one in butter, then coat it in the sugar mixture(when we did this, T said, “Just like when they put oil and spices on Jesus’ body!” He made the connection before I even started to explain!!)
Lay the marshmallow in the dough and wrap it up, carefully pinching the seams together well.
Bake according to the crescent roll package directions.
When cool, break open(or as my kids did, poke your finger in) to see that the body of Christ is no longer in there!

They don’t look especially exciting but they are very special because of what they respresent and because the kids made them and they understand what they mean. AND, they taste REALLY, REALLY great, just like a cinnamon roll! 🙂
The kids have been in such a crafty mood this week and my notebook is full of so many ideas that we have done WAY MORE than we usually do in one week! Above are the “bunny foo-foos” that I think looked a lot better in the book but the kids like them a lot!
Basically they are just 5″ and 3″ strips of construction paper cut and rolled, then stapled together.
Before constructing, toward the middle of the smaller strip, draw the nose and mouth and glue on googly eyes.
Cut out the ears, we stapled those in too. Glue on a cotton ball tail…and done!
These pinwheels actually do spin, although next time we will use cardstock or posterboard because construction paper is a little weak. They wanted to use stickers to decorate for some reason so this is what we ended up with.
Above is the page from the book we used showing how to cut the paper, which needs to be a perfect square to begin with. I believe we did a 5″ x 5″ square for ours. You stick a straight pin through the paper and then through the pencil eraser to make it spin and that made me very uneasy… I left “spinning room” and then bent the pin down the other side of the pencil and taped it with electrical tape to make it safe for little hands…..not that they will be allowed to play with it unsupervised anyway but at least they won’t get poked this way.
This last one is my personal favorite! These little chicks were requested by T and although no one wanted to paint their nests brown, they came out SO CUTE!
I cut individual sections from an egg carton and we each painted our nest(yes, I even made one too!). We saved some cracked eggs from the other day and cleaned them and let them dry well.
You just put the egg down into the “nest” and glue a large pom-pom in for the body with elmer’s glue. With a smaller pom-pom, glue on googly eyes and a beak(cut from construction paper), then glue the head onto the body. That’s it!!
Whew, no wonder I’m so exhausted, it’s been a long week! We are taking a little break this weekend though and going a away for a couple of days. I’m pretty sure I’ll have something to blog about that next week! 🙂 Maybe we can RUN from this SNOW we are getting here today!


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    I love this egg craft. So cute!

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    All the crafts are great. I love the resurrection rolls, I will be doing those.

    Thanks so much for sharing, have a great weekend.

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    neat-o… i am excited about your resurrection rolls!!!! i will doing those with the kids. thx. great blog – i will be back!

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    You are all so busy with craft& so on. It is so fun to be able to see what you are doing. Love see you all soon,Grandma

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    Another one who is probably going to copy your resurrection rolls! : ) You HAVE all been crafty this week, huh? Very cute things the kids made. We stuck a platic pinwheel (we didn’t make) in the hill outside last spring, and it has been there ever since! We even watched it spin and turn all winter, through snow storms and all. I like it there!
    Ever since you posted about the birds, I just melt when I see that photo of T and L. The way L’s arm is around her brother is SO SWEET!

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    alex tried to leave a comment and could not. she wanted to say that she and cole learned to make the resurrection rolls at school. they were called magic puffs. magic because the marshmallow disappears.

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    Love the resurrection rolls…I will try that with Emily!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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    You make me smile, you are so much inside my head! We even have matching nightstands with all the pile of books (mine has more papers and post-it-notes). Thanks for all your encouraging words and thoughts and I look forward to what God provides for us in the future! Keep up your great work! You may be a blessed mommy, but your family is blessed to have a woman like you!

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    Just surfin’ by and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the resurrection rolls idea! It is great to find activities to teach the real meaning of Easter (not that chicks and pastel eggs aren’t fun). Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

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    Hi! I don’t know you, but wanted to thank you for the great recipe. My kids loved making the Resurrection Rolls. (And I especially loved eating them! lol) We are going to make them next weekend as well. Thanks again!

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