Homemade Potato Gnocchi

I am finally getting around to posting this very frugal recipe, as promised to at least 2 people now! Thanks for your patience! It’s an old family recipe that has been passed down from my maternal grandmothers and I have fond memories of helping my mom, to this day actually, make this. My job was usually to poke my finger in them and roll them in the flour when I was really young but the older I got the more I was able to do until I learned to make them myself, as I do now for my family. Now if I could just figure out Mom’s sauce recipe! Thankfully, we still help Mom make them, several pans at a time, and all of my siblings and our kids come for the feast!
1 cup leftover mashed potatoes
1 cup flour
1 egg
1 tsp. baking powder
(for my family of 4 I had about 3 cups of leftover potatoes so I tripled the recipe and still had leftovers)
Stir all ingredient together in a bowl. As it gets thicker, to more of a dough consistency, turn it onto a floured surface and knead it, you may need to add more flour to get it into a dough like this…

(At this point, you’ll want to get a large pot of water to a slow boil on the stove and have a slotted spoon ready. Also, prepare a 9 x 13 pan with non stick spray and a thin layer of your favorite spaghetti sauce. Have the pan near the boiling water so you can easily take them from the water to the pan.)
Cut off a medium size chunk(scientific term there!) at a time and roll into a snake. Cut each snake into bite size pieces.

I’m not sure of the exact science behind it but Mom always pokes a finger in each piece and rolls it in flour…possibly to keep them from sticking together is what I have decided. So, I do it too. But, you can skip this step and just spread them around in a little extra flour. T was taking the pics for me so excuse the darkness!
This is what each little cut up snake looks like. When you get each snake cut up, carefully drop them into the boiling water. Let them boil until they rise to the top of the water. I let them stay there for an extra minute or so to make sure they are nice and chewy and not gooey. As that batch is boiling, you should be able to cut and roll the next batch. Before you add the next batch, remove the cooked ones from the water. Let the water drain from the spoon and place them directly into the pan with the sauce. Continue back and forth until you use up all of the dough.

When the gnocchi are all boiled and in the baking pan, add more sauce to cover them all. Top with grated parmesan cheese. It is usually necessary to bake them for a little while to warm the rest of the way through since they have been sitting and waiting while you get them all cooked. Cover with foil and bake at 350* until warm all the way through, probably only 20 minutes or so.
I forgot to take a picture of the completed dish so the best I had was one of the leftovers! They don’t last long though because they are so yummy! I’m sure I’ll catch some grief for sharing this old family recipe but it has been published in a cook book already, so technically it’s no longer a secret…and it’s not my fault!


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    I was going to ask you how to make your potato gnocchis too!! I have never even tried them…but they sound good! I’m so glad you posted this. I’ll need to write it all down when I can. : )Thanks!!
    (Hey…Did you see I made me a follower of you? lol)

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