Small Successes

Instead of just checking out everyone else’s small sucesses over at Faith and Family Live like I usually do, I decided today I would finally join in! Here are a few small but significant successes I have had recently:
1. We have figured out a really good morning routine that is working much better for getting chores done without me nagging and the kids fussing. Dear M made the suggestion to not allow lids to come off of toy boxes until chores are done and everyone is ready for the day first. Wow, do those chores get done quickly and without a fuss now!
2. Now that my major cutting back of blogging/blog reading during Lent is over, I have started using Google Reader regularly which has cut down so much on the amount of time I spend trying to catch up on my favorite blogs.
3. We have been doing a daily devotion every morning for almost 2 weeks. We’ve been reading an ABC bible verse book that the kids really love to start with and talking about that before we do their lessons for the day. It has really been a great way to set the stage for our table time and things go so smoothly for lesson time after that. It has been great to hear them talk about “hiding God’s word in our hearts” during the day when things happen or come up that relate to something we read or prayed about.


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    Congratulations on your successes this week! You’ve had some great ones. Thank you for sharing!

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    What great ideas and successes. Thanks for sharing them to help me and my family!!! Have a great weekend!! God Bless!

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    Maria, it’s sometimes hard to see the beauty of the day… Yet we know that if we don’t pay attention we’ll look back on our chaos of those little years and tear up because we missed the JOY. You do well, remembering the joy and living the daily miracles. Not to say you are perfect, but whatever your weaknesses, God has obviously found a willing servant and His strength and love flows well through you. Good job, Mama.

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    Brooklyn is jammin to your song on here!! Get Down!!! A little head banging going on!


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    Yeah I’m not too big on the play places either, but when I sent out the email it was still dreary looking and I wasn’t sure what the park would look like (I’d only been there once so was uncertain if it was dirt or mulch and didn’t know how ‘wet’ it would be). It seemed as soon as I said to meet at BK the sun came out, no joke! We’ve gotten plenty of illnesses from the indoor playplaces, but when I’m desperate enough for play we’ll go:) I’m hoping to have another in a week or two- hopefully the weather will cooperate. Do you have any favorite parks? I really like Sunrise and there are a few nice ones on Delaware too that seem to offer seating for parents and shade!

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