"God put it there for me!"

After several unsuccessful attempts, T recently caught a butterfly! I watched it happen and was quite surprised by it all as he was hardly quiet in sneaking up on it, not to mention he used a net with a 4 inch handle that is actually more for scooping things out of water. When the excitement died down and the active little critter was safely made at home in T’s new butterfly habitat, I asked my quick-witted little man just how in the world he was able to catch that butterfly. Without skipping a beat he replied, “Because, Mom, God put it there for me! He knew I’ve been wanting to catch a butterfly and He just put it there!”
This newly 5-year-old has recently stopped napping also. He has always been a stellar sleeper and has napped daily for a good 2 hours, still going to bed between 8-9:00p.m. and sleeping until 6:30-8:00a.m. give or take. Well, it seems that the step into year 5 has changed things. Suddenly the 2 hour nap sessions have made it very difficult for him to fall asleep in the evening.
At first I was a bit sad for a couple of reasons, 1)I had to admit that my baby, my firstborn, was really ready to step into big-boyhood, and 2)there was a part of me that was sad for my own selfish reasons. I knew that having him awake for the entire day would mean no mid-day break for Mama. No more 2 hour house cleaning, laundry doing, paying bills, organizing, decluttering, or who am I kidding….napping myself or sitting on the computer checking emails, browsing blogs and blogging, without a little one begging for my attention. I knew things would never be the same as I have known them to be for the last 5 years…..ever again. It was bittersweet.
I decided we’d just dive right in and we went cold turkey, no weaning process. We’ve had a few lazy days of dozing off for a few in the recliner while reading books and he’s crashed out watching a race with Daddy and in the van on the way to the doctor but he’s been a champ. Bedtimes are a breeze now!
While I was taking this picture of him today after he built this Leggo church for me(he’s been getting so much more creative with his building while sister sleeps, probably because the threat of it being torn apart is not there!) I was struck with this realization……I truly LOVE spending time with him. I love spending time with M, T and L. They are 3 of my most favorite people in the world. God knows this. He also knows that I savor every opportunity that I do get to just study them individually in hopes of burning those images in my mind so that they will never be forgotten. Maybe he just knew I could use a little more time to spend with one of my favorite guys ever… he just put it there for me!!
When I look at it that way, I will gladly trade in my 2 hours of quiet time to myself to spend it with this guy. And when L gives up napping I will look forward to finding ways to spend more one-on-one time with each of my special little ones. Hopefully by then He’ll find a way to put some of that in there too!

As always though, we’ll make sure there are always plenty of times like these….

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