At it again

T has been on a mission to find monarch larvae since I showed him his aunt’s post and then M told him we had milkweeds growing in our ditch. It has been a topic of discussion daily and we have been down there looking a few times. Last night we hit the jackpot!(There was some serious concern because the county came by and mowed the ditch yesterday. T was SO not happy about that because he thought they took down the milkweeds. Thankfully they missed those since they were growing around the utility pole.)
These 3, yet-to-be-named, amazing little critters have now taken up residence in Dorothy’s old fishtank. You would have thought it was Christmas morning when we spotted those babies, the kids were beside themselves with excitement! T said to me when we got back in the house, “Mom, you have the best ideas and they always turn into fun!” Too bad I can’t even take credit for most of them!
In other news, the girl met a wooden tree swing this past weekend. Thankfully no teeth were lost in the ordeal and the lip is healing up nicely. This picture actually makes it look pretty good!

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