Some of my favorite moments captured from the past couple of weeks:
My dad and I took the kids to the natural history museum in Panora. The kids loved seeing things that reminded them of Laura and Mary from the Little House series that we are still reading.

L’s favorite summer activity is by far SWINGING! Once in a while, she brings along a friend to join in on the fun.

T thinks he’s a real cowboy, even though he forgot to wear his cowboy boots to ride Buttercup at Aunt Val and Uncle Bobby’s!

Our latest butterfly catch was a red-spotted purple, which we all think is the silliest name for this lovely creature that is neither red-spotted nor purple!

It amazes me how long they always stick around before they say goodbye. This one took his turn walking on each of our hands first.

It posed for some great pictures and probed around with it’s proboscis for the longest time before finally taking a turn on T’s hand and then moving onto his FOREHEAD! If you could only hear the squeals of laughter while it hung out there before flying away!

What has amazed me most this summer is the growth of the kids’ imaginations. In such a short amount of time T has gone from building simple Leggo and block towers to constructing buildings and scenes with a purpose. He will study a picture and create what he sees now or think of things to create on his own, which are the ones I love the most. This one is by far one of my favorites:

This boy loves a good campfire and apparently so do his cars!


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    So many of us can let these tender moments of summer slip away. You've helped make some great memories with your little ones … and had the sense to capture them on camera, too!

    Would like to check out the Panora area sometime. I lived near Des Moines for several years, but never made it there to explore.

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    Sadie just got back from the Little house on the prairie in S.D. you should talk to her about it, she said it was really neat.

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