Home Sweet Home

After 8 days and 7 nights on Lake of the Ozarks we are safely back home and savoring the greatness of sleeping in our own beds, showering in our own showers and all the wonderful things that come with being home after a week of vacation. It sounds cliche but it’s so true, it’s great to go away but it’s so wonderful to come home!
We had a FANTASTIC time down south and I hardly know where to begin to recap it all. I do have to say that I am SO glad that we stayed on the north side of the lake though because the roads down there are BRUTAL and T did get a little car sick on the way down. Thankfully I had a warning from my sister beforehand so I was prepared and it was not a big issue. He crashed afterwards and slept it off and all was well. Whew.

We stayed in a great little resort in our private cottage(our little blue house) that had 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and deck. It was right across from the playground and the outdoor pool and just up the drive from the indoor/outdoor pool. Since we went during the week that schools started there we really had the entire resort to ourselves most of the week which was awesome. It was so quiet and peaceful.
We had so much quality family time and it was just awesome to spend the whole week with M, away from it all. We even FLEW IN A HELICOPTER! When we weren’t swimming or fishing we saw some of the most breathtaking Missouri views, nature, parks, wildlife(a bald eagle flew right over us!), a castle, springs, caves, a National Shrine, a natural bridge, we drove over swinging bridges(!) and so much more.
It was just the right combination of rest, relaxation and FUN.
This is one of my favorite pictures of the kids doing their best pirate “ARGH” when we were eating at Captain Ron’s one night. Because it is so hilly there and the lake is all down in the valley, this restaurant is one of the very few places where there is a sand beach area. So, after dinner as the sun was setting we sat on the beach and let the kids play along the water in the sand and on the swingset.
This week while we are getting back to normal I will continue to post a few times about some of the things we did and saw down there. Then next week T starts Kindergarten and L starts preschool(and turns 3)!! Let the fun begin!


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    That was one AWESOME vacation! That place sounds GREAT! I sent Michael on a hired helicopter ride for his birthday once. He LOVES helicopters. Every time we hear one flying over here, he and the kids all run out to look up and see what kind of copter it is. lol.
    Great pics too. Glad you all had such a good time!

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    Glad you that you all had fun! My mom lives there and we love our visits.

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