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We are in the final prep stages of packing and getting ready to leave for a week of vacation so this blog will be quieter than usual for a while. However, in my absence I would like to throw something out there for you ponder…..

For a long time, really since I began blogging, I have had serious concerns about being too out there, too public. I worry every time I post a picture of the kids….you just never know who in the world could be looking at it, or worse...

I do realize that there are so many mommy bloggers who blog way more details than I do, lots of pictures, names of places, or even their full names and locations. I am not in any way saying that they should not do that if they so choose. What I am saying, is that I literally cannot sleep at night sometimes because I worry about this so much. If you know my mother you can easily understand where I learned to worry!

I began this blog to keep our families and friends up-to-date on what is happening in our busy lives and to keep you all informed with our homeschooling adventure. It has been a fun little hobby that has grown and become much more since then. I have met some wonderful women through blogging and have been able to keep in touch with some old friends as well. I am grateful for the experience that it continues to provide.

If you have been reading this for a while or know me, you probably know how I feel about things being connected in conventient ways, if we are looking, or how God gives us signs when we most need them. Well, my feelings and worries about the openness of my blog have been weighing heavily on my mind in the past few months and during that time one of the first bloggers I began following found out that her child’s pictures had been lifted from her blog and were being used on another website. It was a childcare website, but still.

More recently, another blog I have followed for a long time posted a link to a news story about a woman who found her child’s picture being used on a craigslist adoption ad, the picture was right off of her family blog. In a recent conversation with a friend, I learned that someone I know had Facebook photos of her kids used by someone else. Those are just the somewhat harmless ones that I have heard about….but I’m seeing the signs.

Maybe I’m just paranoid after too many years of watching Law and Order, but I’m just really not down with that. That thing is, I kind of like to blog sometimes and I really don’t want to go back through all of my posts and delete all of the pics. Furthermore, I like to post pictures of the kids because our family and friends out of town don’t get to see them often and they enjoy seeing how they’ve changed and grown(or so they say!). I also like the idea of having the opportunity to eventually have this blog printed as a keepsake since it is as close to scrapbooking as I may ever come again.

So, here’s the thing….I am considering making this blog private and protecting it with a password. In my experience with looking at blogs with passwords you should only have to enter it the first time you view it on your computer and then you’re in. You wouldn’t have to log in every time to view it. The way I understand it though, my blog would not pop up in your followed blogs and possibly not in Google Reader if you use that. HOWEVER, if I go through with this change, I would put an option for receiving email updates every time I put up a new post. You would be able to sign up for that on the blog and easily view the content in the email or know when to check out the blog if you so choose-to see pics!

I would love to hear your opinions. Would you want the password and still bother to read this blog or go through the effort to sign up for an email update if I made this blog private? If you are a follower or have been reading this blog for a while, you are welcome and encouraged to comment-I really want to stay connected with you and you will have access to the password if you want it. Family and friends, you are expected to comment(or email me)! 🙂 Just kidding, ok not really, but I really hope you will let me know your thoughts!

I will also be putting up a survey on the sidebar and it will be there while we are gone so there will be plenty of time to vote for your favorite option. Please share your thoughts, ideas, advice, anything, I appreciate it all!

Thank you for humoring me once again and have a wonderful week!


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    I think if it gives you peace of mind to have your blog password protected then you should do it. I would apply for the password and still read it!

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    You have to do what feels comfortable for you and your family. I'll want the password!

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    I've had subs to password protected blogs. nbd. another thought to consider is never posting full-on faces, only profiles or quarter-profiles of faces. My friend Bobbi has a public blog, but parts are private, like piano recital videos, etc.

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    I really enjoy your blog. Whatever you feel you need to do.

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    There's nothing like living with a nagging worry!! If it makes you feel some peace and less worry, go ahead and make it private/password protected. Maybe you will lose some readers, but you know, the ones who are personally/emotionally invested the most will keep visiting and commenting.
    You know I've struggled with the same things. I've read all of those recent incidences too, but at LEAST in all of them, they were just utilizing the photo as a means to 'something else'…not the child. KWIM? The children, in those cases, were not physically threatened….it was just a handy photo of a cute kid. Still, not something the true parents would like. But I don't worry about that as much, as my actual child in danger. That's me, though.
    I'm behind you….no matter what you decide. : ) I know you are SO overdue for an e-mail. Thisis my busy time of year. A littlke of everything adds up to…too much sometimes! lol
    Hope vacation is a blast and memorable for you all!

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    I think you should go for it. I'd still want to read your blog and I am sure all of your followers would, too. And then you could sleep better at night knowing your are protecting your family. I think it's a great idea!

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    I made mine private for other reasons but I'm so glad that its private now for the sake of my family! I'd still want to read if you went private!

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