God just stopped by…

I was standing in the bathroom this morning getting myself ready for the day when I heard this conversation in T’s room(in half whispering, awed voices):
T: Oh my goodness, come here you have to see this!
L: What? Where?
T: Come look out my window, God is out there.
L: Whoa! Where?(Shuffling sounds as she gets up on the chest in front of the window to see for herself.) Oh, wow!
T: We have to get Mom!(Comes running into the bathroom) Mom, you have to come see this!
I follow him in without a word, curious from what I have already overheard.
This is what we see out his window:
So I say: Wow, that is really beautiful!
T replies: Mom, THAT is God! The way the sun is coming through the fog is just like the way they show God in some of our movies!!


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    I always thought the same thing. And I convinced Mark that God was talking to me when we say crepuscular rays, so we had to get on our knees on the sidewalks of ankeny, answering God aloud until He was done talking.

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    Our eldest, Lovely, thinks the SAME thing! She calls it God, or God smiling on us – so precious!!!! How glorious!!

    Thanks for sharing – loved this!

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    Awesome, Toby is so sensitive and spiritual. That is a memorable moment. Love you all,
    Grandma A

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    There are many things in life that brings life to it's real meaning. And many time it is the children that see it much clearer than adults. Us adults have to much on our minds and can't see the real beauty in the world. GODS CREATION.
    Your doing a great job. Gramps

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    Toby is going to make a great priest someday. 🙂
    I've heard him say he wants to be a dad when he grows up … maybe he means a "Father."
    He certainly says some profound things, doesn't he? Lilly is lucky to have such a good influence in her brother.

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    They call it like they see it, don't they? I think they are our eyes, sometimes. I think T's right…that is God. : )

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