Unplanned Lessons

Today was a perfect example of how much learning takes place outside of workbooks, paper and pencil. Sure we did the usual phonics, reading, calendar, math, singing, more reading, etc. but these things just literally happened and they are some of my favorite lessons of the day!

We have been reading(by request) the story of creation a lot lately and today I asked them if they would like to make a poster in our free time to show what God created each day. It was really meant just to be a fun, extra activity but it turned out to be T’s writing for the day and obviously a great religion visual aid!

This afternoon T was playing quietly and suddenly says, “Mom, listen, I can count by 2’s!” Sure enough, when I saw what he had done and watched him, he was counting by 2’s! We have lightly touched on this skill but only using a number line, and just for fun, so I was pleasantly surprised to see him take it upon himself to just do it!

Finally, before dinner tonight while playing with Kinex he started making patterns. That is actually something that happens frequently but this time he was identifying them as AB and ABB patterns. Of course he figured that was too easy and went on to make up his own ABC AABBCC and beyond patterns and tried to trick me by switching them around and I had to figure out which one was wrong.

The best part of all of this is that when we were at the doctor yesterday for L’s well-check the doc asked how school was going and he said, “It’s great, I love it!” She asked him what he liked best…was it the reading or the writing….? Without missing a beat he says, “It’s the playing!”
This is where I insert my evil teacher/mommy laugh….if he only knew!


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    Sounds like and looks like a lot of fun sneaky learning. 🙂

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    if this were facebook, i would 'like' this post.

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