Thanksgiving Fun

Time is marching right along and we are having a load of fun learning and making messes lately.
We are toward the end of Math U See Primer and T is close to mastering telling time but I had this little turkey file folder game put away just for fun so it’s a nice little practice for him. He is such a math kind of kid. I don’t know if it’s just the Math U See program or that he is going to be a numbers guy like his dad but math is so easy and just clicks with him right away. He certainly does NOT get that from me…. The messy part of our fun has been painting, and lots of it….we painted their hands to make these turkeys and they loved them so much that we made several of them into Thanksgiving cards too using the poem on this link!

The painting continued with bubble wrap to make Indian corn with torn brown paper bag husks. Simple and very cute decorations for this time of year. Right up my alley and fits the budget!
We came home from a birthday party for a special grandpa last weekend with the two little foam pilgrims and the cornucopia here so we made our own Indians and a Thanksgiving book to learn more about the first Thanksgiving and hopefully just exactly why we celebrate this holiday. I’m not sure they’re quite getting the meaning yet but the stick puppets are sure fun to play with!


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    We made hand print turkeys this week too! I thought Brodie would hate it since he hates to have his hands dirty but he wanted to keep making them too. How fun!

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    I love the hand prints and the stick puppets. All look like so much fun.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    As always very interesting. Just love it

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