Preparation and Tradition

Last weekend we cleaned and decorated for Christmas and in keeping with many of our usual traditions we are also starting a few new ones this year. We always decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving with background music and all. M received ornaments each year while growing up and when I came into the family I started to acquire my own collection as well. Our kids have their collection started now too. My sister, Tina, gave me the wonderful idea of making their ornament extra meaningful by finding something that ties in with an event/occasion that took place during that year. I’m hoping to find helicopter ornaments this year to remember the year they took their first ride!
As usual, the kids have their own nativity and magi set that they love to see brought out of their boxes to interact with throughout the season.
We have had our Advent wreath and used it in the past but this year we finally decorated it. The kids helped me pick out the greenery and purple ribbon to make it just right. I’m glad we waited until this year to decorate it so that they could be a part of that and understand the meaning behind it all. Dinner seems extra special with candlelight and an extra special prayer to begin.
Something new we started this year is a sacrifice manger which is a simple plastic shoe box with a blanket in it for now. Every time someone makes a sacrifice or does something nice for someone else, they will put a piece of yarn(straw) into the manger in hopes that by Christmas morning the manger will be soft and full for baby Jesus(one of L’s baby dolls) to lay in.

We are also decorating a Jesse Tree this year which will definitely become an Advent tradition. We are doing the Advent Adventure from Holy Heroes which has been very engaging and has really drawn the kids into it so far.

After our Advent message and Jesse Tree reading we are even praying a decade of the rosary together. What an awesome way to start our day!
We have also been spending some time reading about St. Nicholas and watching the new Veggie Tales St. Nicholas movie. In a couple of weeks we will celebrate with my cousin and her family our traditional birthday party for Jesus. These are just a few of the main traditions and things that we do but there are too many little ones to list.

All of these ideas are in an effort to keep the true meaning and reason for this wonderful season in the forefront. We are preparing our hearts….not for Santa and gifts….but for the one true thing that gives the holiday meaning, the reason we have CHRISTmas.


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    Very very good. So nice to remember the reason for the season.
    Love to all from Grandma & Gramps

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    Funnnn. Great traditions.

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