Loving These Winter Days

I’m a little hesistant to say anything for fear of jinxing the mojo but we have been having a really great week around here. We’ve been done with lessons every morning before 9:30 and most mornings at least one of the kids, if not both have been at the table doing a connect the dots book or something before I even call them over. After we are done with lessons, they don’t even want to go anywhere! It’s been weird to be honest with you. We seem to have hit a really comfortable rhythm and I’m just going with it. After lessons they just like to hang out and have a tea party, play playdough, do a craft, or play a game.

When they have finally had enough of that and are ready for some exercise, I am SO thankful for our extra long hallway! Usually they are able to run races, hop, skip, jump or whatever need be, but this week we got a little more creative and I blew up every balloon I could find in the house for them. They have spent exhaustive amounts of time in the hallway having “balloon parties” and “balloon festivals” and just being plain old crazy with the balloons.

Afternoons are when we run errands, have playdates, go to faith formation, etc. Then in the evenings after dinner the whole family has been spending time downstairs playing and putting together a 500 piece puzzle. Toby has really graduated to quite the puzzle master and just loves this time we spend down there. We all do actually. Although I’m certainly ready to spend more time outside when spring arrives, I really don’t mind these winter days at all.


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    That's great!! We have really been enjoying this winter. Last year was pretty great too…..but there has been 2 real differences this year: warmer days, and lots more snow! Past winters, it has been extrenely low temps, and hardly any snow all winter. So our kids have been playing outdoors a LOT more this year. Every day, actually. But there are the occassional 'all day indoors' days, and they always find creative things to do, just like yours.
    Hoping the good days keep on rolling in!

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    I am diggin' the balloon party! I do believe we need to get some of our wiggles out with such an activity!

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    This is awesome!!! I'm so impressed with all the fun things you do!!!

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