Monster Jam Mania

Given the high ticket prices for this event, we really had no intention of purchasing them. However, last week Mark actually happened to WIN 2 tickets from a local radio station! That worked out pretty slick!
We now have a monster truck obsessed 5-year-old.
I see a monster truck birthday in the works already.
Doesn’t every kid need a Grave Digger foam hat?
Thankfully we did spend some $$ on these noise muffs to protect his(and Mark’s) hearing. They probably made all the difference too because he is not one that usually enjoys things with loud noise for extended periods of time anyway.

Lilly & I had a much quieter date-we ended up watching The Little Mermaid, eating pink marshmallow popcorn and did lots and lots of snuggling!



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    WHAT A MEMORY, And I cam see the happiness in the RIGHT ON picture. If I remember right I took Mark to a similar event at about the same age. Just he and I. Ask him if he remembers. Gramps

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    This looks like SO much fun! My boys would LOVE this!

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