It hit me when I looked through the camera to take this picture today….this shot shows their personalities perfectly.
Toby: Organized, rule-follower, toes the line, wants to please, likes things neat and “the way they should be”
Lilly: Marches to her own beat, fiercely independent, flies by the seat of her pants, no rhyme or reason, no method to the madness, just go with it and figure it out afterwards

It’s the way they’ve been since birth and I wouldn’t change a thing about either one of them. My perfectly imperfect little monkeys. For whatever reason they were entrusted to us, thank God.


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    What a great girl you have there! Both of them are adorable! You are blessed!

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    I agree, I three different personalities. It is so neat to learn them.

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    That's funny to see their personalities carried out in their imaginative play! I, too, am amazed with what we've been entrusted.

    We couldn't be deterred by the cold any longer and bundled up and went out for a bit. Coming in to warm up was quite satisfying.

    When is your CM presentation?

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    You have been entrusted and blessed all at the same time. And doing a great job also. I'm a PROUD GRANDPARENT.

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