Is it really only Tuesday?

It feels like we’ve had a full week already and today is really our first day back from the weekend! We had a busy weekend spending time with great friends both Saturday and Sunday so the weekend really flew by.
Lilly has been wanting to help around the house so much that she asks almost daily for chores to do! I am trying to make more of an effort to include her in what I do in an effort to teach her even more homemaking skills. She loves to dust, sweep, vacuum, wipe anything, sort laundry, and do anything I’ll let her in the kitchen. This weekend she learned how to clean celery and grapes…..while eating them too!
It was a perfect time for talking about how Jesus is the vine and we are the branches(grapes), and how we are cleansed by our baptismal waters and how much that means for us to receive that gift(washing celery with water).

Toby has come down with a cold this past couple of days and is feeling pretty mellow. Today even after lessons were done he wanted to spend some time alone in his room. A while later he came out and asked me to write the names of a bunch of monster trucks for him. When I checked on him before lunch I realized he had been in there just copying those names of trucks. I love when he gets extra writing practice and he does it just for fun!
In an effort to use up some of the Chex and Kashi cereal in my stockpile, I have been making some really yummy white chocolate snack mix lately. The recipe also calls for nuts which, as luck would have it, I’ve been getting some sweet deals on at Fareway! So we turned the empty peanut containers into snowmen! Along the same idea as the coffee creamer ones over at The Fantastic Five which were super cute. We put paint on the inside and shook them up, then decorated with glitter glue, googly eyes and ribbon. We started putting our new roll of paper to use and everyone had fun being creative after we covered the entire table with paper. Mark and Toby even got into the Draw, Write, Now books to see what they could draw.

Monday morning we all went to a very informative program called Animal Winter Survival to learn about the many different ways that animals in our region survive the season. The kids especially loved touching the animal skins and seeing the various mounts.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the week goes. We’re off to a great start so far but it will probably depend a lot on if Toby’s cold makes the rounds through the rest of us.


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    This is awesome! I read this and get so inspired for next fall!!! I can't wait to start doing this with my then 1st grader, and including my then 2 year old somehow (with a newborn too? LOL We'll see!)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

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    nice to see you in a photo!

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