New Do

Lilly and I had a little date this morning, while Toby and Mark went to the dentist! Hardly seems fair but it worked out really well that way. She was tired of the pony tails and long time drying her hair after bath. So, until she is old enough to take care of it herself, I see no reason to make more work for me!
I can’t believe how much older she looked before:
During(HOLY COW!):

She really looks 3 now!

It turned out so cute and thankfully she loves it!


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    I LOVE it! So cute!

  2. //

    It is darling!! What a big girl!
    Love you, Grandma Anita

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    They grow up so fast. Love the new 'DO' Love ya, Shirley

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    She's got great hair… long or short.

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    She is such a cutie. I love the new hairdo!!

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    Oh my goodness how adorable! She's so cute!

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    Super cute hair! Sorry I've been MIA, even though I'm following your blog it doesn't show up in my blog list 🙁 so I've been missing out for awhile! Looks like you guys are doing great!!!

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