Weekly Wrap-up

Somewhere at the beginning of the week someone apparently hit the fast-forward button because I seriously feel like I went to bed Monday night and woke up Friday morning! What a whirlwind of a week for us. It’s not been one thing or another, just a whole lot of activities taking us out of the home and keeping us running, which is something I really don’t like a lot of. Thankfully most of those things have been in the evenings and at church but that has left very little family time with all 4 of us together at home. I for one am looking forward to a relaxing weekend.
In weeks like these I am actually glad to have the type A personality that I do(which is sometimes annoying) because it makes me thankful for the structure and routine of our days in which our mornings are kept clear and only for lessons. It is a rare occasion that we schedule something to do out of the house in the a.m. and after this week I will be even more sure to keep it that way.
Here are few highlights from the week:

I found this Domino Parking Lot for Toby to practice math facts on and it was a hit. He’s working on the +9 math facts in Math U See now and doing really great with them, but we are just going really slowly and taking a lots of breaks to just practice and have fun along the way.
We started back into the Little House books again the By the Shores of Silver Lake which is where we learned about Mary being blinded by scarlet fever I believe it was. The kids were so concerned and interested in this that we had some great conversation about blindness and what it would be like. They both decided to try to eat lunch and do some things while blindfolded to see how it would feel to be blind.

We talked a lot about presidents this week with President’s Day and the birthdays this month. I found the idea of cleaning coins on Teach Mama and pulled out all of our president cards and info to make a little learning center.

After identifying all of the faces on the coins we sorted them onto the matching cards. The cards were just ones that I had picked up from the Target Dollar Spot but they had fun facts on the back. The kids thought it was really awesome that George Washington was homeschooled! 🙂 Then we looked at the different symbols on the coins and the dates too. It was interesting to see how old some of them were. Toby was really into that and when he realized there was a different quarter for each state he decided he’d like to try to collect them all!
Little Miss busy was just happy doing a little bit of this and a little of that this week. She was really interested in making 3 letter words with these puzzle word cards so a few days this actually kept her busy through most of Toby’s lessons. Other than that she followed along with us, colored or stamped.
Toby has also had fun this week with these really fun mental math practice pages from Practical Pages. There are a lot of great pages to print out there and I ended up just sticking them in a plastic page protector so he can use a dry erase marker on the pages he wants to do. Rather than laminate them all or keep printing them, that works really well.Finally, this is one of the many crazy pictures from the church Mardi Gras party last weekend! Very fitting! Maybe she was just born to be wild!
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    Love the Domino Parking Lot activity and I am going to pass it along to a friend.

    Thanks for sharing your week.

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    Wow, I love all those hands, interactive worksheets 🙂 It looks like a great week.

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    The math activities you shared are just WONDERFUL! I am so looking forward to using them with my Kindergartner as she progresses…

    (Oh, and the Mardi Gras pic- just priceless!)

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    Hi! Saw found your blog through Catholic Mothers online and was excited to see you homeschool! We will be homeschooling our daughter once she starts kindergarten, so I'm eagerly researching all I can about homeschooling options! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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    Oh, Maria, I try to guard against those kinds of weeks as well but we also had one. Today we just relaxed and I counted a game of Scrabble as both math and spelling 🙂

    My sister told me what time she made it home from the home school meeting. Oh my!

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    I just love your domino parking! Great to see how you have made maths fun!

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    there is an icn class presented by a blind man. he talks about his daily chores and you can ask him questions. the dept of the blind will also send you braille alphabet cards.

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    What a creative, fun home you have — your children are blessed and you inspire!

    All's grace,

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    What great ideas here! So glad I found your blog, and I'm grateful that the coin cleaning worked for your little ones. Loved the extension you did afterward!

    Thanks for linking back, and join me over at 'we teach'–we'd love to have your ideas over there!


    cheers, friend!

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