With my self-imposed limit on computer time for Lent, I have been accomplishing so many things and reading A LOT of books. The Internet-free Sundays have been WONDERFUL. I would highly recommend a day off from the Internet. I read somewhere that if you think there is no way you could possibly do that, you probably really NEED to do it! Good point.
We have been busy making soaps and cleaners, freezer cooking, making maple syrup, homemade cinnamon-raisin bread and homemade granola, visiting friends and relatives, helping with several activities at church and still finding time to get in those lessons and even have lots of down time just to play! It’s all about finding that delicate balance each and every day. Most importantly for us though, it’s about keeping our priorities in check. Which leads me to this:
I did not receive this book for free and I was not asked to give a review of it, I purchased it at full price(plus shipping!) last year. However, I have been impressed enough with it that I would like to recommend it as a way to lead a family through the Liturgical Year with fun activities and ideas, stories and lessons to continually help you grow in your faith together. It is called
A Year With God, Celebrating the Liturgical Year and it’s done by Catholic Heritage Curricula.
We have done many of the activities already and plan to continue doing them as traditions. We’ll keep trying new ones as the kids get older and can understand more of them too. We have been working on making personalized prayer books for each of the kids but are taking a break from those during Lent to “Grow Good Fruits For God”. At the beginning of each week we read the lesson from the book to get our ideas for what we will be working on in order to grow our fruits that week. Week 1 was Good Words(saying thank you, I’m sorry, please, etc.). Week 2 was Good Signs(the way we speak with our actions) and right now we are working on Good Thoughts. We remind each other all week of what we need to be doing to grow those fruits, as well as the previous weeks goal(to keep those fruits fresh!).
The scripture verse that we work on memorizing each week goes along with the lesson too. The one above went with last weeks “Good Actions”. On Friday we talk about the things we did to grow our fruits and then they each get to color a new fruit to add to the wall for that week.
It has been a great way to keep things focused exactly where they should, even when we are so busy enjoying life, as busy as that has been!


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    Thanks for sharing. I am glad you are having a productive time off the copmuter. I have scaled in posting and reading so much. I have baked cakes, and read more and played more. I honestly don't feel so pressured by the things I read on blogs.

    I also appreciate your email. I would also be interested in where to start on making cleaners. I do a lot of the food part all though you did give me some fresh insight.


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    Did I leave a comment? This all sounds soooo nice! Thanks for inspiring my Lent even more!

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