Still here!

In case you missed me, I’m still around! Even though it’s only Tuesday, it has already been a busy and expensive week. We’ve been dodging wasps and mud holes but all seems to well, for now anyway. Last fall we had the roof reshingled and it seems that in doing so, a wasp nest was trapped in a gap under the new roofing materials. So what do wasps do when the can’t get OUT of the house? They come INTO the house!! Yes, we’ve been killing wasps as they hatch from their hive and find gaps in the ceiling to come in and terrorize us. We had all the fun we could stand with them and finally called in the pros to get up in the ceiling and dust/fog them out. So far so good. Certainly not cheap though!

We also had to get some new gravel for the driveway before we lost a child in the quick sand/mud that was left after all of the snow melted. Thankfully my dad has connections and a Bobcat so that was a relief on the budget. Our kids are so easily amused that they were THRILLED to just be able to run and play in the drive again. I hope they’re always this easy to entertain!

Of course the biggest excitement comes with getting a ride up and down the driveway with Papa!

So with all this excitement and since it’s spring break for most kids right now, we are having a “fun week” with lots of painting, mess-making, and activities centered around St. Patrick’s Day, St. Joseph and spring. Details to come in our weekly wrap-up! (We’ll be taking our spring break during Holy Week to spend extra time at church and getting prepared for Easter.)
We have so much to be thankful for…
76. leisure morning chats over coffee/tea with Mark
77. new gravel in the drive
78. a father’s love and devotion
79. garden-in-waiting
80. the emerging signs of spring
81. fresh pineapple
82. bird friends coming back from the winter away
83. colorful paint smeared on hands and faces, a sign of FUN
84. an extra hour of daylight
85. Lilly and her friend, Nora, lost in play without a care in the world
86. Toby telling me that never a day can go by without “snuggle time with Mama!”
87. before bed, deep conversations with Mark
88. his grin at the smell and sight of homemade brownies
89. reusable shopping bags
90. Toby’s anticipation and excitement for his first communion…even though it is a couple of years away
91. Lilly telling me in her drowsy morning sweetness, “Mommy, you are beautiful. I love the way you are.”


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    Gabriel's looking forward to tractor and 4-wheeler rides with his Papa this Summer in Colo. They're the best!

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    These are so sweet! You have so much to be thankful for and we're glad to be apart of your lives. I think Norah and Lilly will be friends for awhile. : )

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    So great to have our family involved in such a wonderful caring life journey. The cost is small and the rewards are so great. I’m a very pleased and proud Grandfather. May GOD bless you always.


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