Time keeps on slippin slippin slippin…

It’s popsicle time again! My sister joined us at the zoo and for a picnic lunch last week for a fun time had by all!

Thanks Zia!
Toby’s art class ended last week with a super cute Art Gala at his teacher’s home. We all brought food to share and the teacher had the kids’ art on display for us to browse during the evening.
The kids even gave a performance for the parents. It was sort of like musical paintings. She cranked up some funky music and the kids took turns going around the table for a few seconds at a time painting on each of the canvases. Each one had a little bit of something from each of the kids and they each got to take home the one that they started with. So creative, and Lilly even got to join in!
My dear, sweet, hard-working husband has amazed me(and himself) recently with his handy-man abilities! He built this patio out the front of our house all by himself with his own bare hands, sweat and achy muscles! He did an amazing job and it is so wonderful to have a quaint space to hang out when the kids are outside playing or when we have company over. It has quickly become our new hang out. Be sure to compliment his work when you see it! We’re hoping to find a larger, heavier-duty, rectangular table to replace this one for more ease of use eventually though.
Finally, so far so good on the garden front!! Wait, maybe I shouldn’t actually put that in print but I’m pretty proud of my garden thus far this year. Mark tilled in some lime last fall and that may have been a big boost that the soil needed. We have been picking strawberries and lettuce daily for the last week. So far everything is growing really well and I am sold on companion planting even if it does nothing at all to help with the pests. There is just something about having flowers in my garden that makes me happy!


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    "…into the fu-turrrrre." Isn't THAT the truth!

    I loved art classes as a kid. Even the art class we had once a week when I was in public school.

    Mark did a AMAZING job on that patio! I have no doubt that took blood, sweat, and tears. Well, sweat anyway. Maybe some blood too.

    Your gardens are looking good, Maria, and way ahead of mine! We are getting stuff planted in the gardens this weekend, and I am BEYOND excited. Right now, all we've got going on is flowers, and strawberries growing from our plantings last year. It's going to be a much better strawberry year, now that they are established. I LOVE watching my gardens grow.

    On a side note, I was going to mention you in an upcoming post. Should I link to your blog, or will it be going private soon? Let me know. E-mail probably. : )

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    what a lovely patio — isn't is nice to have a man around! 🙂 it's popsicle weather here too, finally! I just did a popsicle post today.

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    Your garden looks wonderful. Love the patio.

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