Trying to catch up

Since returning from vacation we have been on high speed, trying to catch up with our life and all the extras that have come our way. I have come to the conclusion that summertime may just not be the best time for us to take a vacation. Next year we’re going to try for a fall vacation and see if that makes any difference. Since I don’t know when I’ll actually have another chance to sit and post again, here are some of my favorite pics from Colorado. More to come later!
Mark and the kids doing a “happy dance” for me when we were walking through the Whole Foods Market after mass. They couldn’t quite understand why I was so excited to walk around and check out what to them was just another grocery store. To me, it was wonderful and I can only dream that someday we will be so lucky to have one here.
The kids petting sting rays at the Downtown Aquarium.

Praying Mantis at the Butterfly Pavilion…where Mark HELD a tarantula!! Ew.

On our way to Boulder to my cousin’s Scuba Dive/Travel Shop. Boulder is actually in the background down below us. Toby opted to stay in the van and enjoy the scenery with his snack and the air conditioning.

Lilly praying a little bit of the rosary in the Rosary Garden at Mother Cabrini Shrine where we walked 373 steps to the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue at the top of the mountain.

Mark and Lilly hiked up to the top of the mountain behind my cousin’s cabin where we stayed a night. I stayed in the cabin with Toby who was not adjusting well to the altitude. We were well over 10,000 feet up and his tummy wasn’t liking that. All was well when we returned to lower ground.

Breathtaking. The view from somewhere in the Rockies! This may have been the other side of the moutain that Lilly and Mark hiked up. I have so many mountain pictures to sort through and most of them just don’t do justice to the splendor and beauty of them. The mountain air was so fresh and such a nice break from our humidity here.

On the drive home we watched the sky change in such an amazing show of color as we drove closer to the storms.

I caught this and a few others just before my camera battery died. We drove straight through for 12 hours(stopping to stretch, eat and potty) and got home before midnight, in the middle of a terrible storm. The kids were such wonderful travelers and it was really a great trip, despite all of the time spent in the van. We saw so many things and had so many awesome experiences in such a short amount of time, plus were able to catch up with family members that we don’t see often. Can’t ask for a better vacation than that!


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    Oh, be carefull what you wish for. We call it Whole Paycheck for a reason. I should know as there's one about 2 miles from my home.

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    Wow, you really can't ask for a better vacation than that!

    Your children are adorable and those sky pictures…breathtaking!

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    What a NICE vacation!! I am so behind here, I am speed reading! lol

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