Fall Fun

Fun seems like a really tame word to describe how the fall has been for us but I don’t have time to search a thesaurus and in case anyone is actually still reading this blog I hope to keep my posts a little shorter before I scare you away too!

I believe this is our first successful attempt at carving pumpkins with the kids. Up until this point they have had absolutely no interest in sticking their hands into that “nasty, messy stuff.” So we didn’t push the issue. Saved us money at the pumpkin patch the past several years. We offered to buy and carve. Sometimes we’d carve just in case they’d join in. Nope. They always preferred to paint or decorate the pumpkins in some other way which is just fine too.

But this year something changed. They both planned to carve, they both looked forward to it, picked out their own pumpkins and loved it! Great time had by all. “Nasty, messy stuff” all over hands and all!

It was actually tough to get Lilly to STOP playing in the goo when she was trying to get the seeds out. We did try a new recipe with those which involved soaking them and doing a pumpkin pie flavored coating on them to roast. The kids have yet to try them, I think they’re decent.

Toby was super excited because I let him do some sawing on his very own too. I’m sure he’s totally hooked now! Something about sharp tools and a boy.
Lilly and I made these super cute little desserts when we had friends over for dinner and football one Sunday evening. Quick and simple: Banana cream pudding, butterscotch pudding and whipped cream on top! We garnished with real candy corns when they were served. Word to the wise though, stick with the small glasses, the big ones are way to much even for grown men and hard to get spoons down into the bottom of!
The kids are now anxiously waiting for trick-or-treating tonight, a costume birthday party tomorrow and the grand finale on Monday of dressing as saints for All Saints Day at mass! Then believe it or not, it will be November already!


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    Brooklyn is SOOOO excited too! She can't hardly wait!
    Have fun!
    <3 Jeni

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    Just talked to Will he said you brought dinner for them tonight. You are so thoughtful. Thank you from us too. Am sure it was greatly appreciated. She will have her hands full for a while.
    What fun the jack O lanterns are.
    Love reading the blogs & hearing how things are going in your world.
    Love you all, Grandma

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