Sorting through October pictures I realized that the month is nearly gone already! Thankfully the proof is in the pictures that it was full of fun and many great memories.

We are still spending A LOT of time in the kitchen this month, baking and storing away goodies for winter. Lilly practically begs to help any time I am working in the kitchen and I love that she is learning along side me as we go. Toby pops in once in a while too and catches a few things here and there, between football games and Lego building that is. Toby seems to be taking on quite an appreciation and love for baseball and football. His memory for the teams and scores amazes me and Mark is more than willing to supply him with all the answers to questions he can possibly ask.
We were fortunate enough to finally catch a college level game this year and to even watch it from the visiting team sidelines. Mark has been on the chain crew for Grand View for 3 years now(as long as they have actually had a football team!) but this is the first time we made it to a game. Toby could not get enough of it! He even got to run down and try to catch the football each time GVU kicked a field goal.
I’m not sure it gets any better for a young boy than to see those big guys up close and personal like that. Although we could have done without the new vocabulary we were all subjected too there! These are our friends’ boys and Toby’s buddies that he got to hang out with through the game. They take water to the refs during breaks. Toby was a little gun shy this time and in awe of the whole experience but I have feeling by next time he’ll be right out there with the big boys toting water bottles.

This month my little helper and I planted raspberry bushes! Mark tilled up an area for some blueberry bushes to go in the spring too. I was hoping to come across the raspberry bushes when the were marked down this fall and my patience paid off. I ended up with 2 red, 1 purple and 3 golden raspberry bushes and can’t wait to see how they do. As you can see in the corner of this picture Mark has also started building me some raised garden beds! Our soil has some serious issues and rather than treat the entire garden and waste a lot of excess in the paths, I’m going to try a few beds next year and see how much of a difference they make.

Of course a trip to the pumpkin patch is a must in the fall. We took our new neighbors out to our usual favorite place. The kids loved making corn angels but we were fishing corn out of all sorts of cracks and crevices after that!

I just think this is a really cool picture and sometimes I wish I didn’t have the date stamp on my camera turned on all the time. However, if I turned it off, I would never be able to keep my pictures in order because I am so far behind in ordering them…..We had a field trip this month to Living History Farms and it was a super time. I really wish we would get out there more often because I love that place, the simple life. I dream of living in a place like that. My studious boy taking in his reading in the old McGuffy Reader!

Doing a couple of chores to help around the homestead before we headed out.

Finally, a pose in the horse barn. All this already and we haven’t even jumped in leaves yet!

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