The Pioneer Life

With the unusually warm and mild fall we’ve had, it’s hard to believe it’s the middle of November. When the cold first finally hit though we did get the wood burning stove prepped for the new season.
I’m not sure who was more excited to get out the “sewing basket” this year, me or the kids! It’s fun to see how much more coordinated they are now after taking a few months off. Lilly loves to drag out a rocking chair and pretend that we are pioneers living on the prairie! She assigns us all names right out of the Little House books so we play along and pretend to be Pa, Ma, Laura(Toby is such a sport!) and Mary.As for me, I have taken up knitting! Well, I’m cheating I guess since I’m technically still on the Knifty Knitters and can really only do hats. But, oh the fun it is and the hats I am churning out on those babies! Even looking back at this picture makes me ready for more of these peaceful evenings in front of the fire!


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    Toby really is a good sport!! lol. They are so cute. I can hardly blame them for pretending it's the pioneer days. I do the same thing.

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    Looks so nice & cozy. Great to see you all Sunday night. Went to Illinois to see all of them today, long but a great day.
    Love Grandma & Grandpa

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