Getting ready…

I think it’s safe to say we are officially on Christmas break. I had good intentions of planning regular lessons this week but chose to go a different route. We’ve declared it “arts & crafts” week and aside from lots of extra reading that is exactly what it has been. Creating and mess-making. A much-deserved break from the usual routine.

They have such a love for painting so we let the paint and glitter fly for these cute little artsy Christmas trees. The intention was for them to stand alone on the clothespin but they were not very sturdy. So a little chunk of Styrofoam easily made them into a glittery forest.

We cut apart an egg carton to make these fun little bells. Threw on some aluminum foil and stuck a jingle bell in them. Voila! They have now become the “doorbells” for the bedrooms of two little “shop owners” who have been role-playing all week!
With Mark working longer hours and Christmas, we still make sure that we all start our day together. Gathered around the table, Toby reads our daily devotion and Mark or I read from the bible while the kids color their Jesse tree ornament, marking the days until the Star is born which will top our tree.
The days linger on a little longer right now with Daddy coming home later. We get in a late snack to try to make it to a late dinner, sometimes baths come before then even, when he finally staggers in, exhausted from another busy day, thankfully. Again, we gather around the table, around the Advent wreath. Toby lights our candle and feels so big, we sing O Come Emmanuel, and wind down our day over dinner, together again.

The evenings with all of us together are few and short with so many things pulling one or more of us away. But the day always ends with opening another door in The Advent Book, leading us closer to the birthday of our Saviour.
This is a bittersweet time of year for us. Sweet for all of the obvious reasons that come with Christmas. Bitter because it is a terribly busy and stressful time for Mark. Being sick is not an option, being tired is just too bad, and getting a break is not likely, this goes for both of us. Needless to say, we are really looking forward to spending time together over New Year’s weekend when the store is closed for 4 days.

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